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    [XBOX ONE][US][SPONSORED][AGES 18+]HNG - eSports Gaming Community Recruiting for ADVANCED WARFARE CLAN WARS, GBs, & Ranked Playlists

      Watch the overview video first!




      About us:

      - HybridNerdzGaming is an active, competitive, organized, and fun gaming community

      - We are a tightly knit Level 25 clan with around 20 members and a 2.05 average K/D ratio

      - We have earned full Body Count and War Cry Armor


      - Our clan is sponsored by Cinch Gaming, NoScope Gaming Glasses, & BattleBeaverCustoms and we are partnered with MX2Gaming & iOwnClan

      - We have multiple competitive teams who play MLG Gamebattles and UMG matches

      - We are looking for long term members only! Please only apply if you plan on sticking with us for a long time. If your application is accepted, you will need to be given a tryout before you can officially join the roster

      - We will be competing in Clan Wars, GameBattles, and League Play in Advanced Warfare





      To be eligible for this clan you must:

      1) Be an active player, meaning that you play at least 3 days a week

      2) Have over a 1.5 K/D ratio and over a 1.5 W/L. Basically, you need to be able to carry your own weight.

      3) Be at least 17 years old (No exceptions)

      4) Have a mic and play with other clan members!


      5) Join our clan website and actually use it (see below for the link to the website)

        - You must use the website at least a few times a week (preferably more) to be in our clan

        - The clan website is a great way to communicate with other clan members and find people to play with (all you have to do is post in the main chat box)

      6) Complete our tryout phase

      7) Finally, have fun!




      If you are interested in joining, submit an application form on our clan website. If your application is approved, please introduce yourself to the rest of the clan in the main chat-box. Then you will be given a tryout to see if you are fit to join HNG.

      If you are interested in being on one of our competitive teams, please let us know in your application where you are located (east coast, west coast, etc)


      You can also check us out on Twitter - @HybridNerdz


      If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on Xbox Live or through our clan website.

      My gamertag: Hybrd Lightning






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