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    Cant connect to multiplayer

      Just got ghost for xbox one.  I go to multiplayer and it tells me this. ERROR call of duty ghost server is not available at this time.  Can someone please help me out with this?  I test my connection and it tells me that I am good for multiplayer.

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          Re: Cant connect to multiplayer

          same here mate get 2 maybe 3 game then error then loss your team your with, is it because iam using wifi sould I use hard wire for better connection

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            Re: Cant connect to multiplayer

            Hello Friscokid80,


            Thank you for posting!

            Are you still unable to connect? The Xbox live servers were under maintenance so this created some connection problems for some users. However, they appear fully operational now. In case you are still unable to connect, please let me know if you are on a wired or a wireless connection. Lastly, have you tried rebooting your router and console?




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