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    Hunted Hate

      Why do people not like Hunted? I love Hunted, but all I see is hate for it. I just want the community's perspective on this.

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          It's a fun mode to play time to time.

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            Players dislike hunted because they cannot use their custom classes in it.  It caters to a very particular type of player and is not for everybody.   However, if you like it go for it. 

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              Ive played it for clan wars and have no problem with it. I took advantage of it and used it to help with getting my carny patch ( knife throwing) .

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                People hate Hunted because it actually takes real skill to play the game. Instead of using all of the different custom classes and perks to make yourself nearly unstoppable unless someone has made themselves either better with their custom class. Hunted strips the player from all of those resources, making it fair  for everyone because everyone is equal. Everyone has the same equipment 1 clip of ammunition, one flashbang, and two throwing knives. No one has perks to make them better than anyone else. It is the first game type to truly show who has real skill at the game and who just figures out the best way to get kills and win by putting together a custom class. Hunted not only requires real skill, but more strategy as a team and as an individual. The team must work together in some aspects in order to win. If your entire team has the guns Hunted provides in the care packages then you are more likely to win. However the tides can easily be turned when one member on your team dies and gives up his gun to the other team. Working together as a team prevents these types of situations. Also as an individual, you can merely win the match by yourself, thus unlike other game types like domination where it is merely impossible to win the match if your team is not working together. You have a rare chance of taking and holding a position by yourself in domination without anyone from your team there. Where as in hunted like I stated earlier you can easily turn the tides by killing one person from the enemy and taking his gun if he has one, or just dominate the area where the guns are by yourself and no need from teammates. Therefore it is necessary to have a team in order to work together to take the spot, but you can hold the spot by yourself.


                In case you can't tell I too absolutely love hunted, except with the FFA version they have completely changed the aspect of the game type. Where now people camp where the boxes are as a player knowing that someone will eventually make it to the box and they end up winning by doing this. The FFA version has completely taken away from the strategy and skill aspect that the original game type offered when with teams. Either everyone is camping the entire match, or everyone is running around with their heads cut off and literally just has mass chaos the entire match. Not only this, but it is also ruining everyone's win/loss ratio because it is hard to come in first in this gametype unless you camp like I said above. So I would be one of the people that brought the old gametype back that involved true skill and separated these people in the game.


                Now an answer to your question is that people hate Hunted because the SUCK at it. They can't handle the fact that they don't have an advantage over anyone based off of them studying what the best custom classes are in the game. They can't handle the fact that Hunted shows your true skill level in the game. It doesn't allow for mindless gaming and easy to kill scenarios. It requires you to think and have a plan in the game as a team, and also as an individual to win the game. People get upset with the fact that Hunted shows how bad they are at the game and they can't handle that. They can't handle that they are truly truly awful at the game and Hunted makes it blatantly obvious. That is why people hate hunted.  

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                    This game doesn't take skill. Toddlers could learn it in a day.


                    Everyone hates on Hunted because Hunted is ass. And it takes up room when other modes that are actually good could be added. Like Headquarters, Demolition, or even Grind. I love Grind. But IW made the great decision of hyping it up pre-release, but never adding it to pubs.

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                    I actually like hunted ffa

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                           I seem to get shot either while I'm pulling a gun, or 2 seconds after.  I haven't put much time into it, but I got turned off of it real quick by the crate campers.