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    From Camper to Beast Mode

      Using the M27-IAR to stick to my spot, hold down the fort, protect my fellow teammates.  Usually averaging a 15-5 game, using Support Killstreaks.  I was afraid to run-n-gun, I just couldn't find my groove in this game.  Then my friend turned me onto this gun called the K7.


      The K7 is very OP in my hands.  First 3 games, sprinting around like I had a maniac, I average 30 - 3.  This gun is highly accurate, very rapid fire rate, and kills quickly at low to medium range.  Plus a built a silencer, makes this weapon very idea for the run and gun game.


      I was starting to get bored with this game, going to my same spot and mowing people down.  But now I can go to them and reign down holy fire on everyone. 


      I refound love for this game.

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          Re: From Camper to Beast Mode

          This is one of those guns I seem to wreak havoc with whenever I am fortunate enough to pick up, but I have never really contemplated setting up an actual class for it. It feels so smooth and accurate; it has this light feel to it, if that makes any sense.


          The maps are so big and brimming with campers that I find a run-and-gun style has its drawbacks, more so than on any game previous. Making mass kills is still very much plausible but chances are you will encounter a camper at some point, spoiling your streak as you unknowingly run past them cowering behind a cabinet or doorway. However, I may give this gun a proper whirl.

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