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    About maps of CoD Ghosts.

      I started to play CoD with MW3, so I want to know: are the maps of Ghosts seemed to the maps of MW2? I mean at size.


      What you guys think about this idea of big maps after 3 games with small/medium maps? (I didn't play BO1, but people say the maps were small).


      IMO, beside the maps this games has no big problems. Even the maps aren't completely bad.

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          Ghosts as a whole is terrible and the maps are definitely one of the reasons. The maps feel and play out a great deal like Battlefield maps. Too large with far too many flanking positions. They did this because too many noobs were complaining about the maps being too small and 3 lane. As if small / medium sized maps and 3 lanes were a bad thing. It's what has made the game fun and kept it fast paced like the arcade style shooter it is meant to be. MW2 had decent maps and they played out just fine. The rest of the game was broken but at least it was still fun.

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              The CoD I like most is BO2, the maps are good, weapons balanced and funny. Unfortunately the connection is bad. Anyway, I can play it yet, but sometimes is cool a new game,


              Actually sometimes I want quit CoD, but there is no other multiplayer with great community, execpt Battlefield, but I don't like this one.

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                I have to disagree I think the bigger maps are far better in this game then the small clusterfudge maps of mw3 or bo2...


                The only people that cry about too many flanking routes are campers being owned by flankers for not looking around occasionally and only using tunnel vision.


                3 lane small maps were a bad thing and was ruining CoD. Most of the older gmaes of CoD bevore MW3 had larger maps. Cod is not just an acarde shooter. It is a fps game that does not mean that the game always has to be fast paced.

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                The maps are better in this than BO2. Black Ops 2 were straight run and gun maps with zero strategy involved. The maps in Ghosts feel more like MW2 and CoD4 maps than Black Ops maps. Then again Treyarch always makes more chaotic, noob-friendly, run-and-gun-geared maps.

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                  These maps are great for GW. I firmly believe that larger maps with a larger player count beats smaller maps with fewer players. The flow of the game is 10x more exciting without being chaotic.

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                    The new maps are an improvement. The 3 lane design was getting boring and predictable.

                    And not a noob playing cod from one.

                    It still has flaws looking at spawns for example.


                    With some work it only will get better. only thing needed is bigger lobby's.

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                      Until they fix the spawns the maps will suck.


                      I do like the bigger maps (Stonehaven, Siege & Whiteout) and also the smallest maps (Prison BReak/Freight/Strikezone/Overlord) what I can't stand are the mid size maps with loads of height layers and camping spots (Tremor, Chasm, Sovereign, stormfront etc).


                      There is something to be said for the basic 3 lane setup (Octane, Warhawk, and to a lesser extent Siege). It actually allows you to fight your way, as a team, from one end of the map to the other. As you don't get flanked down one of the lanes you should do well. (Kinda like real tactics I guess).


                      That is at least until the spawns crap out and you either have someone spawn right behind you or you spawn right in front of a muzzle.

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                          PS, the best maps - by FAR - have, and always will be, COD4. (Modern Warfare).


                          This point is not up for discussion, and no further correspondence will be entered in to.

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                            I couldn't agree more by the spawns.  The bigger and larger maps this game holds but the worst spawning system I have EVER seen in a FPS by a mile.  You should not spawn10 feet to the side of an enemy looking straight at you with his gun.  There will be times i'll start 8-0 or so and get killed 5-6 times in a row by spawn.  Just plain ridiculous.  Fix the spawns and for once take out damn quickscoping.  IDK about you guys but i don't run around in real life with a sniper rifle at blazing speeds and pull a gun up and shoot without aiming, sorry it just doesn't work this way.  Yeah i know its a game, but seriously.

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                            Small maps = more fun, more frequent kills and streaks like sentries and ims are more rewarding.

                            I place a sentry down, it lasts about 1m30s and gets no one from the way the maps are designed. Also not many places to put your ims compared to mw3. I wish they would bring back dome, there was a rumor about it but theres prob no truth in it.


                            The new map ignition is basically scrapyard from mw2. They should of just brought it back as it was and not gigantic. Now its a sniperfest.

                            Containment would be better if you couldnt get on the roofs and the bridge doesnt get blown up

                            Fog i have no idea what to say about it

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                                Just a tip about the IMS and Sentry Gun that will net you more kills.  Move them around. 


                                The IMS is easy to take out once you know where it is.  Set it in one spot close to the middle of the map.  Get a kill.  Now move it to a slightly different location.  That 9-Bang they just threw now hits where the IMS used to be.  With the IMS, though, you do have to cover it somewhat to protect it.  It's definitely a kill streak for the more sedentary playstyles.  If you are rushing, the dog is a better choice.


                                Now I've always loved the sentry guns, and a big reason why is the ability to move them quickly.  Once I call mine in, it becomes my main weapon.  Now I just move around the map as usual carrying the sentry gun.  If I see someone I drop it and go prone.  Between the sentry gun and my LMG firing away, no one has enough fire power to do anything to it or me.  Once done, I simply pick up the sentry gun and move and keep repeating this process.  The only concern you have are people flanking you.  Be ready for it. 


                                If you try these tips out, you will see you get the most kills out of them possible.  Try it in Squads first just to get the hang of it, then begin inducing rage in MP.



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                                You guys are forgetting that this is no longer the Modern Warfare Series. Ghosts' maps are well made. You guys need to learn how to play them. There are some maps in Ghosts more easy than others, but still challenging nonetheless as there are a ton of chokepoints.

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                                    an excellent point, this isn't any previous title but it does feel a touch like MW2 in terms of map style.  Afghan is a prime example of a big COD map with lots of cover and stuff to run through and multiple routes.


                                    the thing that cripples this game is the terrible spawns, last night i spawned with enemy players in my line of sight and close to me as well. now i was lucky as they weren't looking at me but they weren't as i shot them.  i got spawn killed several times as well so ying and yang but even so that is pathetic.


                                    3 lane maps are not COD maps, MW & MW2 were the original titles of this genre/franchise and they both had a mix of big and small maps, many of which were a bit mental and were generally more in keeping with ghosts then the pap of BO2.


                                    so many people think that the arcade and frankly embarrassingly childish BO2 was somehow what COD is.  Its not, nor is ghosts required to be anything like it, different company, different franchise.


                                    now ghosts isn't perfect not at all, i prefer it to bo2 but only because my experience with lag was crippling, when it was playable it was fun but it was seldom playable and the maps were kinda childish.  some mercenaries go skateboarding and the fbi turn up for a fight!!!????  LAME!!!!!


                                    the irony is Siege in Ghosts is also totally sh*t as 30% of the map is redundant so it leads to boring camping or boring running about trying to find anyone.


                                    its all down to personal taste, i learned to play ghosts and now enjoy it and do well at it but if you just expect to ball around like you're on nuke town 2025 you're going to get smashed  

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                                    The spawn is broken for now, but IW promised fix it. Didn't?