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    a decent overview on nightfall


      ill make a list of things ive seen others complaining about and add my own input on everything.


      1. not enough money.


      2. aliens over powered.


      3. challenges to hard.


      4. nerfed sentires


      my issues:


      1. lag.


      2. putting me in same lobbys i back out of 4/5 times in a row only to put me into there game thats started


      so lets start off with the money. i complained of this at first to but thats back when i did everything i could to survive but when you go on the offensive you will have max cash nonstop unless u place sentries nonstop as for that watch ur guns  back so it doesnt get killed.


      aliens being over powered? dude they give you fulled customized guns. the mr-28 has no recoil and is a 1 shot kill to scouts 2/3 shot kill on hunters and scorpions and only flaw is on bigger things it sucks. and u can put a burst fire on it! lsat/chainsaw demolish and with how many searches u get u find lots and lots of stuff to put on them. work as a team on the rhino's and phantoms and if someone is getting there ass kicked hey you can turn around and help them or call for help.


      challenges are tough but on poc it was way to easy. there a CHALLENGE for a reason.


      the sentry did get nerfed yet when you fully upgrade them it works same as it did in poc. and ya know what good they were over powered. if ur running them u should fully upgrade it anyhow not just a lil



      lag? pssh its a given it always has been new maps working out bugs like when game first came out



      same lobby? i get it they need people to and i can easily back out for 50000th time but still annoying.


      all in all id recommend this map if you like a game to play if not go ahead and afk behind your sentries in poc