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      • 110. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

        So very true!!!

        • 111. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

          Patch just went live for me 5:50am Est!! Enjoy!!!

          • 112. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

            Gun game is a very welcome addition   Really enjoying it.  Shame you don't lose a level when you die as the rounds seem to be over quite quickly.  Nice work

            • 113. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

              The latest patch looks very in depth, so thanks!   Will be downloading after work to see these improvements.

              • 114. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

                ChestSplittah wrote:


                I believe someone needs to come out and offer a apology for getting the consumers hopes up. We yet again are at the point...


                This website is owned by your backer, for your place of employment's product. Where your messages are supposed to go.


                I'm not speaking for Infinity Ward and I don't know what happened, but I wanted to share some feedback I have as a gamer who has spent many days waiting for patches for many games.


                Once an update/patch is certified by the first party, then it's in their hands to deliver it. That schedule can be moved up a day or pushed back a day for unseen reasons. It also happens more, in my experience, with Sony than it does Microsoft. They have definitely both done it though. When it gets accelerated it's grand, but when it gets pushed back it's definitely amiss.

                • 115. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

                  I think you guys take too seriously just one patch. Flipping out in the forums doesn't make it come out any faster.

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                    I have to agree with you for the most part. Other than gun game, there is really nothing in this patch that I "needed" in order to be able to play.


                    With that said, I think there are a lot of people that don't like this game, and they are hoping this patch will fix that. It won't of course.

                    • 117. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

                      I personally didn't need the patch to make me like the game. I needed the patch to fix the I.E.D. Issue and correct some of the spawning issues so the game can be played on a more level playing field. I might be dumb but I couldn't bring myself to so what I have been ******** about just to get kills. I'm very happy that our concerns have been heard and they fixed or attempting to fix the issues. I only feel that more clear communication would of been the thing to do. However I do know people that take it way to serious and I agree with what you said. This is just my two cents.

                      • 118. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

                        Good job fixing and making the game worse at the same time big thumbs up

                        Im glad about the spawning and what not but c'mon they ruined the AK which there was no need in doing

                        and i'm 50/50 on the MSBS it will make it better for MP but it was already OP enough for Infected

                        I vote to remove the MSBS from Infected and for them to do what they used to : Snipers on small maps and shotguns on big maps as Infected was ruined right off the bat in Ghosts IMO

                        • 119. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (1/28/14)

                          This has to be the worst update yet. You have pretty much rendered Amplify completely useless by making Dead Silence literally silent. I honestly have to mute everyone on the team, and turn my headset all the way up just to try hearing what might be the little pidder padder of someone sprinting up behind me. It was difficult enough having to concentrate through the ambience of helicopters, gunfire, earthquakes, crumbling buildings, and explosions...not to mention the loud music randomly playing during a match, which can't be controlled whatsoever. Thanks. I think I'll go ahead and trade this game in to invest in Battlefield now.

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