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        20. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        You cannot do the EE on solo, unfortunately. Nobody has found a way to do it, anyway... Once upon a time, you could glitch the turbine into the wall by the table you'd pick it up from, which would enable you to have two. That has been patched, and even if it wasn't, 1) it would take forever and a day to get both turbines to the tower, and lots of hope that one didn't die while trying to do the Maxis EE. Richtofen's EE solo would be a nightmare. 2) you'd be glitching, so that would be a shame.


        It is possible that the EE(s) would be missing a step or two, and that a continuation would be immediately following the EE in the same game. I personally don't believe this is the case. If there is anything more to it, the answer is most likely in the orbs, which would be an incredible feat to even have happen following the EE in the same game.

        Even if it isn't the orbs, the fact that the tower status saves and is active in solo says that anything could still happen post EE, different game. Along with fact that the navcard table still displays "incorrect navcard" even after you've put it in the card from Buried or aren't carrying one. To my knowledge, this does not happen on Die Rise or Buried. The tables just become inactive and you cannot interact with them at all.


        Obviously, anything is possible, because Tranzit is stupid and it makes me tired

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          21. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          I was thinking of call of the dead, because that solo ee has different steps than than the 4 player ee. I also just thought, What is that radio signal that plays in the map  selection screen when the ee has been completed? When say green run has lightning bolts around it, blue for richtofen and i think orange for maxis. Maybe the radio  message is a clue... since it was added when buried came out, It wasnt there when tranzit first came out.

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            22. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            The transmission noise is something you can't pick up very well. Unless an audiophile with the knowledge to rip stuff apart gets their hands on it, I'm unsure of what kind of clue you could find there. I'd be interested to find out if there is anything to it I suppose...

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              23. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              Maybe if you keep the power turned off, then buy the perks in that order with a turbine?

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                24. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                Had a thought earlier this morning-- if it is possible to "sequence" the driver's cranium, it may have to be done while he is EMP'd. Figured I'd throw that out there for other folks to try. I'll attempt it when possible.


                I don't really see any other viable reason to be able to EMP the bus... unless yer planning to grief some folks.

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                  25. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  I thought about EMPs too, but I quit early because I thought I figured something out.


                  Story is:

                  I was playing Tranzit solo and I've had the R EE done since the game basically came out, so my tower was blue.

                  I went to town first when I started just to get points. While looking around, I noticed the bowling alley has 8 lights underneath the canopy for lighting the entrance (zombie spawn window) and only 1 was on.


                  After 90 mins of looking around, I bought the 4 colas in order and shot the MCS at the driver and ended back in town.


                  Went back to town and 2 more of the canopy lights came on, so I was hoping I found something like the Ascension Kassimir Mechanism EE where each "node" or step turned on 1 light at a time. So I quit and went to theater mode.


                  ...Both turned on when power was turned on no real progress was made.

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                    26. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    Ha. I got excited about the same thing once. Watching them flick on just from power switch being turned on was crushing.


                    The EMPs were always a mystery. It seemed like they were capable of more EE stuff, specifically how they put the zombies to sleep. But they are used in one side of the ToB EE, allow players to take a break, and they are really useful in Grief. So I guess they do more then most new things added. The only reason I can come up with for them shutting down the bus, is just to screw players over. Someone might try to kill the Avagadro and end up getting the bus stuck in the fog or just delay it at one stop for a little while, which also has its benefits.


                    I will admit that you guys got me looking again last night. Briefly went on to check that "postcard" outside the depot. Was just a blue pixel area for me on Xbox. I can see what was described, as a Nuketown zombie, but really it just look like mulch around a weird blue spot. Maybe its clearer for PS3. But I ended up getting ballistic knives so I started messing with the switches on the drivers head for a while, and then the paintings at the bar. Spent an hour d!cking around and got nowhere like usual.

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                      27. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      we need a pc player to go check

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                        28. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        I'm on ps3 and I think the "postcard" is just trash in the tree's pot.


                        Speaking of ballistic knives, I noticed the same dartboard form buried (for the free piano perk) is just right of the actual bar in the bar in town, it's dark but if you look closely, it is the same.


                        I used the knives with no obvious outcome, but it isn't a dead end yet.


                        Also when I was playing, I was Misty. should probably have restarted over and over until I was Stu, seeing as only he can hear Richtofen...

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                          29. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          Or some one who mods console versions. I only mod WAW at the moment.

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