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    The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

      How would you describe something that is overpowered?


      Something you can't defend against?  Something that gives your opponent a tremendous advantage over you?  Something that requires you to give up your general tactics to combat one specific threat?


      No, I'm not talking about C4 and riot shields, though that tactic is pretty cheap.


      I'm talking about...  Revenge spawns.


      They were bad when the game first came out and it took some getting used to them, as I didn't play as much MW as BO.  I sort of got used to the fact that if I killed someone, I would probably be seeing them again soon in the same area.  I get it, keep the action fast paced, keep players on their toes, give the other player a CHANCE to get you back.


      It changed for the worse when I was playing last night (I assume with the hot-fix).  It was the worst on Whiteout, but I saw it happen to me several times on every map that I played.  An enemy and I would get into a gun fight, trade shots, I would win, and before I could even start to heal from the wounds, they spawn behind me and shot me (or stabbed me).  This happened many times in a single game, it was not a fluke, and can only be seen as the new norm.


      If they canceled the killcam, they could get behind me within 2-3 seconds of their original death.  There is nothing I can do to defend against that.  NOTHING.  Short of them putting down the controller, it is a guaranteed kill for them.  There were even a couple times when I was with teammates that this would happen, so I don't think it's a proximity thing.  How are they rewarded so greatly for getting killed?  Why am I punished for killing them?


      I don't understand why this level of revenge necessary?  Spawn them near me, OK.  Spawn them behind me, just around a corner, before I can even try to recover from the previous engagement?  WTF.  The game is giving away free kills instead of giving players a CHANCE to get a revenge kill.


      The spawns have been much worse since the recent hot-fix.  Enemy players seem more like lemmings now; they spawn much closer to teammates in trouble and create "waves" of enemies.  Until they spawn behind you, that is...  I don't understand this spawn system.  It's broken, in my opinion.  Aside from the often terrible lag, this is the worst part of the game.  Period.


      My first suggestion if they aren't going to fix the spawns, make Takedown a 2 point perk and have it cancel the killcam (but keep the 5 second respawn countdown, if the player doesn't want to immediately respawn).


      Just FYI, not an inexperienced player.  3.1 K/D, 8+ days played, ranked top 250 in Kill Confirmed, and over 20 years of FPS experience.


      Have you experienced the same thing since the new hot-fix?  What would you like to see changed?

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          Re: The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

          We've all experienced it, but honestly, with KD like yours I would think that shouldn't bother you that much unless you think that your KD is going to plummet because of a perceived increase in revenge spawns. Couple that with the fact that a good player like you should absolutely be able to ALSO take advantage of the revenge spawn. Having said, I do in fact hate the revenge spawn, but I just deal with it the best I can out if the realization that it goes both ways.


          I will say this. Whether it's me benefitting or not, I agree that a killed player shouldn't be rewarded with a favorable spawn. I would prefer that they be spawned in a safe area and then required to work their way back. I don't pay enough attention to really know when I'm getting revenge killed, but I definitely recognize when the game gifts me by spawning me in my killer's back pocket.

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              Re: The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

              Thanks for the good reply.


              I'm not a fan of revenge spawns and do prefer the classic "make your way back to the fight after you die" that seems to be in every other FPS game.  However, I can accept the reasoning for having them in the game.


              My issue is the proximity and location that the enemy respawns to.  If this system is going to remain in place (which I think it will), it should not respawn the enemy in an undefendable place.  I believe that these close spawns behind the player who got the kill have gotten worse since the hot-fix.  Again, it should be a chance, not a sure thing.


              Since I do have a higher K/D and higher kills per game, I do have this happen to me a lot.  There are times where I do get a revenge spawn on someone who killed me, but it is a lack-luster kill, as I didn't earn it properly.  I prefer to beat players, not have my hand held by the game.


              I, and I'm sure many others, would like to see revenge spawns have a minimum distance that they must spawn from you, like 15 meters.  That gives the spawned player a chance to assault with strategy, and the defending player a chance to actually defend themselves.

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              Re: The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

              Every mode feels like FFA in this game because the spawns are so bad and there has been hardly any noticeable improvements. The spawn at the bottom of the hill on Prison Break is still as easy to abuse as it was on day one.

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                  Re: The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

                  I agree that the spawns in general are pretty terrible and there are a lot of things teams can do to influence where their enemy spawns.  The whole system seems to be a bit wonky in terms of which parameters it follows and when (line of sight, proximity to teammates/enemies, where the game wants the action to shift to next).


                  If you get on a good team and totally dominate the opponent, you'll find that there is no reason to where they spawn, as sometimes they will have revenge spawns and the game will pretty much just seem to toss players everywhere.


                  I did prefer previous COD spawn systems to this.  Your team all spawns on one side of the map, and if your spawn is compromised, a new spawn for your whole team is decided.


                  I can handle spawn trapping a lot better than I can handle revenge spawns.

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                  Re: The most OP thing in the game just got worse...

                  Excellent point!

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