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        @Hawk:  So I got my new issue of Black Widow today!  Was a pretty cool issue, though I don't wanna spoil anything if you haven't read it yet. 


        Yeah, there's one that looks more like a normal sentinel, but it's got this weird thing in its stomach.  Don't know what's up with that.  Yeah, I really don't know what's up with Quicksilver there.  He's only in one scene?  Why would they even waste time adding him then?  This is one of the things I haven't really been a fan of with the X-Men movies.  We get a lot of characters thrown in that get like 5 minutes of screen time.  It'd be way cooler to have less characters and a more focused cast.  That helped the first couple movies be better than the more recent ones, in my opinion. 


        It's pretty scary how many random tiny details I know about that game.  You should see the Legend of Dragoon riddle game over on Gamefaqs (pretty much the only part of the Gamefaqs forums I ever visit...).  If only me and the other people from that could put our knowledge of random Legend of Dragoon trivia to good use by ending world hunger or something...


        They really do gotta tie things up with Quake.  Not to mention that Bucky showing up was a bit end-of-issue moment, and he hasn't even shown up since then.  Yeah, I think they'll have to do something that'll help the team out big time, but I'm not so sure they'll have her die instead of Bobbi.  Quake just hasn't had enough time in the book for that to work out very well.  You don't just bring someone back after they've been missing for like 6 issues just to kill them off, you know? 


        @Iron: It was just some thing on Twitter that they mentioned on Sportscenter a while ago.  He didn't directly compare himself to him, but he talked about MLK day and how racism is still an issue being reflected by his situation right around the time he was going on about how people calling him a thug was somehow racist.  It's worth pointing out that ESPN putting the two quotes next to each other might've made them sound worse than they would separately, though the quotes weren't great individually anyway.  Anyway, it's no skin off my nose for this dude to go around saying all this stuff, so I'm not even gonna bother talking about him anymore.  It just gives him the attention he wants to talk about him.  Since, you know, these forums are super well-known and everyone follows our conversations here. 

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          @Rogue - I forgot the second issue was coming out!  Glad to hear ya liked it though.  Hopefully they'll still have a copy in stock when I go get my comics inna few weeks.


          That's what I heard a while ago, but maybe they added in extra scenes since then.  I saw a movie pic that showed what looked like a young Quicksilver (still with that awful hair) holding a young girl I assume is supposed to be Wanda.  But ya never really know when it comes to the X-Men movies.  Rogue isn't supposed to be in the movie very much, but she's still in the marketing.  They could just be showing lots of him cause the intrigue about Pietro also being in AoU.


          True, Quake hasn't shown up in a while, but she still featured a lot earlier in the book.  Not as heavily as Bobbi, but I think her death would still have some decent weight to it if she is the one that falls.  She was the director, she has the storyline with the senator and trying to avenge him, going to Fury for advice, she tried to back up her memories which caused SHIELD to erase some of em, she instituted the memory erasing nanobots.  She's definitely had more of a role than Hulk and Rhodey.  But Bobbi is still a very real possibility to die too.

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            Get down to the comic shop and read it! haha, I'm really liking the series so far, though.  I think this one's gonna be a keeper on the subscription list for a good while. 


            Rogue's actually not in the movie at all now.  She was supposed to be in one scene, and they cut that scene.  I'm not too broken up about it, though, since she was never much like Rogue in the movies anyway.  Is she still in all the marketing now?  Because that'd make no sense...


            That's true.  She was more important than Bobbi was earlier on, but I'm still not so sure she'll be the one to end up dying.  I'd rather have Bobbi survive, of course.  Bobbi does have going for her the fact that she's supposed to be the one in danger the whole time in this storyline.  There's a good chance they'll want to throw a twist and have someone else be the person to die.  That's the one thing she's got going for her right now, I think. 

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              Don't get ahead of yourself!  You know how cruel the curse of Rogue can be....


              Singer came back and said recently in a magazine interview that you'll still see Rogue in the movie, it's just that her one big scene is cut.  So, I guess you'll see shots of her standing in the background while other people are talking.  Though like ya said, they never portrayed her very close to her comic counterpart anyway.


              Yeah, Bobbi has mentally taken a pounding from this story.  It would be interesting to see the effects of this AIM mission has on Bobbi, should she survive, and I know Kots has said that the reboot series will show how the spy life takes its toll on those involved.  But that doesn't necessarily mean Bobbi will survive since ya also have Natasha and now Spider-woman on the book.  And now I'm back to fearing about Bobbi's survival, haha.  Dammit, Rogue, look what you did!

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                Rogue I hear you and thanks for the clarification.


                It sucks that Rogue's part was cut out of the movie and I agree with both of you that the Pietro looks like crap. Whedon won't even have to try to make Pietro better it is so bad. I hope they movie doesn't suck, but man some of those pictures are not good.

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                  Ohh, looks like we have some fancy new forum thingies.  Weird that there's an image app, but we aren't allowed to post images.  I'm not sure how it even works, though maybe its more for mods and such.  But we congratulate each other with pretend trophies, haha.  And we have a new log in button!  Though it didn't work for me and I had to use the join button like I have been.

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                    I noticed some changes but didn't notice the new log in button will have to try next time.


                    Well it is getting close after two weeks of pure hype we get the real deal in less than two days, finally! I'm feeling confident that the Hawks D is really going to come through and I have not heard one analyst yet point out the obvious the last four games the Hawks have played a top 5 D and in Denver they are not only facing a D that is not top five but that are missing some important pieces like their best defensive player in Von Miller. The story of this game might be how the Hawks O can move the ball against the Bronco D. I am not overconfident as the Broncos have Peyton Manning, but if the Hawks can run the ball then they can win this thing!

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                      I don't think I have to ask who you guys think will win the Super Bowl, haha.  So the question is, who will shave what when their team loses and will there be pictures of their shame?

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                        Ha, ha, no shaving, lol. Just 18 hours away, yes!! All the hype, all the talking, all the crap over with. Now it is time for the real thing. Which team will step up and take this thing. I am feeling good about the Hawks O and the Hawks D is going to do great. Go Hawks!!!!

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                          So, tomorrow's the big day!  One man's team will triumph, and the other man will cry... tears of sadness.  So, they're just the regular tears, I guess.  Anyway, it should be a fun game, so good luck to both of your teams! 


                          On a totally different note, my brother and his girlfriend bought a Wii U today.  It's kinda weird that they're buying one before me, since they're not too big of video game players.  I had to go with to show them what kinda bundles and accessories there were that they might want, actually.  Guess I gotta catch up and buy a new console already!  Actually, I'm probably waiting a while before buying something new with all the cool games getting released the next couple months on my current consoles.