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    The nerfed the only thing that was good about the game?


      so i've got less than 2 days played on ghosts. i really don't know the proper number so lets just say i havn't played it that much. I do pop it in when its late at night and i can't find a game in BO2. IMO the stuff thats good about ghosts i can list on one hand, one of which was the sound. so now i come to the forums and see they nerfed the sound lol! unreal now they just need to nerf the hit detection and make the game completely unplayable. 3arch just needs to figure out how to get hit detection like they've had in ghosts and mw2, its too bad everyone has to wait another 2 years to get a good cod game because 3arch isn't making this years. everyone wants to know what the cod killer is? ghosts in the cod killer. oh and if your going to post that my opinion is the minority and im sure. just look at all the major youtubers who they should be making cod for not all the tards in here with their terrible opinions. here are just a few of the youtubers off the top of my head who don't like the game. woody, onlymeblade, whiteboy, wings and maximillian. but hey between those guys they only have like 7 mil subs or something so them not liking the game really doesn't matter lol. why they ever thought making more retardly huge maps was a good thing i'll never know. its too bad cause the new map pack looks good, so good that they should have put those 4 maps into the game and took out the 4 huge ones that are terrible. so here is everyone that is pissed off, the competive community always gets no support at the start of the game. every year they have to ask for the same thing from these guys. hardcore players. every year they only get 4 game types, i guess a 25% isn't enough to garner any attention. people with headsets. hey lets piss off the people who want to be good and spend extra money to enchance their gaming experience. finally the youtubers. probably the most important people because their feedback reaches so many people and alot of their subs will share their opinion. its absurd every year people complain about the sound for the first 2 or 3 months and every year they fix the sound and the game becomes more enjoyable than this year they finally had good sound, which was one of the only postive things said on release day and they nerfed it.

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          Adapt or turn your game in, crying now wont change a thing now you gotta pay attention.

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            kustom shoota

            Hey Iverbure, my thread was pretty much about this same deal, except I also made mentions of how this bodes very poorly in the future about sound EVER becoming more innovative and developed, since, everyone will complain that they can't hear as well as someone else.


            I agree with you EXACTLY that sound is one of the best parts of Ghosts (I also think it's THE best), but sound is one of those things that's obviously *easier* to have well made than the other nightmares of the game like consistent connections and so on.

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              Tell me about it I can't hear gun shots anymore or explosives anymore they really nerfed the sound a lot..... oh wait never mind I had my game volume all the way down. If you are talking about the Dead Silence buff they didn't nerf the sound they only buffed Dead Silence so yea learn to adapt and look around and maybe just maybe you will do well. Stop using a crutch and maybe you won't need it anymore. I have an idea if you think you should be able to hear everyone through the walls again well how about if Dead Silence is nerfed again then I want Sitrep to be able to see Amplify users through the walls that way it's balanced. I mean it's only fair that I get a crutch too since you want one to be overpowered again.

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                Dead Silence now works as it should and non DS users still make the exact same amount of sound they did before. Game is fine.

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                  They nerfed amplify because it was extremely OP. A perk that gives you the ability to hear people through multiple walls is ridiculous.

                  For one, infinity ward started the COD series so show some respect. Second they have made the best COd games. They have Cod4 MW, MW2, MW3, and ghosts. IW has two good COd games: BO 1 and WaW.

                  All of them thought whether Trayarch makes them or IW makes them they all play relatively the same so to whine like ghosts is way worse than treyarchs CODs is dumb. Just do us all a favor and quit playing the game and quit whining about it.

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                    They didn't nerf the sound the balanced it out how it should have been. Amp should not have worked as effective as it did at launch against dead silence.


                    No they should not be making cod for the youtubers. Cod was not ever meant just for them to do well and get lots of viewers ever. The youtubers are in part what began to ruin cod by all their whining about things not going how they wanted. Such as the sniper nerfs ruining quad feeds for them. It does not matter how many subs they have, that does not may their opinion any more important or valid than anyone else ever. They could have a billion subs each and it would not mean they knew what they were talking about any more than someone else.


                    the competitive community is the smallest playerbase next to hardcore and thus does not really need any more support than what they get to begin with. The game should not be tailored to the 1% ever.


                    just because you buy headsets does not mean you are entitled to a better game than anyone that chooses not too. Nor should it ever be that way.


                    Amp working as it was, was not good sound it was imbalanced and flawed. The buff to DS brought it back in to balance. And no they do not have to care what any youtuber thinks about it either. Just because they reach lots of people do not mean they are more important than anyone else. it just shows how much sheepole can be. That just because some person on YT says something is bad, they blindly follow wolf thinking they are right when often they are not. Just because the game does not play how some YT wannabe star thinks does not mean it is broke or bad or ruined or dead or anything they want to try and claim ever.


                    It was a positive to them because they abused it as much as everyone that is whining that it was patched to give them and advantage that they never should have had in the first place.

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                      What is wrong with the sound?  Seems to be the same sound as the game released.  Every gun sounds the same as it did back when the game launched.  The explosions still sound the same.  There is nothing wrong with the sound.


                      Oh...you cannot hear Dead Silence users (as well) with Amplify anymore?  Is that what you are talking about?  BOOHOO.  Time to adapt, and stop relying on the crutch called Amplify.


                      PS: I don't even use a headset and I found Amplify, too good to be the same cost as Dead Silence.  I am glad that they buffed Dead Silence though, allows me to play the game how I like to...RNG.