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        20. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

        Can't say I agree, and I am a fan of Squads.


        XP is meant to be a reward for online play. I think it is great that you can play Squads and earn some XP towards progress, but it shouldn't replace Online MP altogether.


        It would significantly decrease the value of challenges accomplished, and many in this community would abuse the privilege by "boosting" (to coin a phrase) in Squads to unlock more difficult challenges. Challenges should stay in MP. Perhaps they could have a set specifically for Squads... but beyond that I think you diminish the value of MP challenges.

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          21. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

          If you've played against these AI on veteran I salute you.

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            22. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

            You can't boost against something that is a moving target and who shoots back, if MP wasn't complete garbage to begin with I'd be playing it, and this goes against what was stated in the first place, how can we the players rank at OUR own pace if IW sets the pacing for us with silly caps? How can we create and build our squad if we have to go through the bullsh!t of MP? There is honestly no point in playing MP anymore, hackers issue aside, the playerbase here is a joke, with no more then 8k + players I fail to see why I should bother with MP, especally since, for whatever reason, some challenges change between soldiers and unlike Ops2, you're limited to the challenges given to you, this completely BREAKS the point of unlocking uniforms, seriously, don't talk about "diminishing the value of MP challenges" when neither had any real value to start with.

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              23. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

              So you feel entitled over something that was just introduced to the Series.


              You get some MP as they realize it is a valuable training tool.


              But if you want to earn things, you need to play MP against actual competition.


              I do feel, however, that they should have put in unlocks that can only be earned in Squads.

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                24. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                That is all I play. Along a with mt clans squads.

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                  25. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                  So true. I just wish I could play squads on my PS4, against PS3 squads. As it stands, my PS4 is just a dust collector.

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                    26. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                    What exactly is competitive about the Multiplayer again? The game is out of sync the camera angles are still broke the 3D animations are still broken. The spawns can still change the pace of the game into another team's favor aim assist and sticky aim basically aim the guns for the players. The gun fights are never even especially if latency is present. There are so many things in the multiplayer that cause the game not to be competitive. Also how would players earning things in Squads Mode affect you in any negative way?

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                      27. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                      Squads mode is a great concept and it was always going to be hard for them to get it dead right first time, it could be amazing if they tweek it a little. Definitely needs hardcore and the soldiers to peform as per their level. If hes level one then hes a liability, level 60 and hes a veteren.


                      Overall squad level should be taken into account also. All soldiers at level 60 and you are a force.

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                        28. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                        I would like it if there was no XP cap.


                        I understand that it would make completing some challenges easier, and getting unlocks etc... But a question I have is:


                        - do the unlocks and prestige level of a player really affect another player? I can imagine that if the weapon/perk/soldier unlocks got better as you progressed it would make a HUGE difference (imagine a super gun that only unlocks when you hit a certain level was available to an offline player who could then bring it online and have an advantage over a player going through the grind online?)


                        Yep... that is not good.


                        However, considering this is not the case... does it really matter?  And considering that the best offline player* is not going to be as good as a typical online player... again, does it matter?


                        (playing devil's advocate obviously... but from someone who prefers playing offline in COD because of the shenanigans and connectivity BS, a higher cap - or no cap - would be welcomed)


                        * here, I mean someone who never deals with the added attention that is required to combat connectivity issues

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                          29. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                          Thanks Jesbro123 for furthering the popularity of my original post. I made another called "completing the squads mode experience 2" check it out. A few of you miss the point of our thread... I am very pasionate about CoD and gaming in general but over the CoD community 100%. I clearly think that Wargame Vet is the prime candidate for all or most restrictions lifted as boosting is not possible and the A.I. is so difficult and smart that if you think you can jump into vet wargame and boost, your a fool and will get killed. The A.I. plays so much like people, you name it, they do it making Squads the most exciting thing to come to CoD for me, it just needs some love! I have toughed out about 12 hours of actual Ghosts Multiplayer to try and get a couple camos and my K/D is 2.39... I added up all of my weapons K/D's in squads and it averages about 1.7 (about a total of 3 prestiges worth of time put into Wargame Veteran) I honestly think IW should take a similar path that Treyarch took and being that Wargame Vet is the most difficult squads game mode and absolutely cannot be boosted, I would be totally happy to see all or most restrictions lifted and the XP earnings per action cut in half, just like Treyarchs "Combat Training". "You can earn weapon and level XP, but at only half the rate". Lets hope this and all comments are being monitored by the designers. I think this is viable and would really turn Squads mode into what it should be, within Vet Wargame of course. I just want to use a weapon and attachments and perks for a reason! I want to earn those operations, camos, and reticles so badly! Even remove XP bonuses gained from Ops completion and just reward squad points and patches... That would work... I have so many good ideas but will leave it at this! Thanks for the support guys! Pass it on!

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