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    Looking For Xbox 360 Clan

      GT: Rooblins

      K/D ratio: ~1.8-1.9 (actual playing and goofing around)

      I'm looking for a clan that has some promise (I.E. not a clan full of 12 year olds that rage/are terrible at the game)


      I haven't been in a COD clan since MW3, and I'm lookin forward to starten up again. I'm not 100% sure how it works in Ghosts, but I'll catch on quick enough. (Can NOT do times on Tuesday and Thursday, these are my work days)


      Message me over Xbox with "Ghosts Clan" as the first thing in the message, or in the text if you send a voice message, otherwise it will be deleted. Also I will NOT respond to any responses on this post. (This is to check if leader/recruiter takes time to read an app, meaning the clan will most likely be friendly at heart. Also it helps sort out those who are actually looking for core members and those who just spam out invites.)


      Thanks for your time, and good luck gaming!