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    Xbox 360 / PS3 Clan recruiting for MW3, BO2, and Halo 4

      Clan and tag: Illusion Gaming [#iG.]



      Interesting Facts: We are ranked 9th on the http://top100mw3clans.gotop100.com



      Playstyle: We are competitive players during the Clan Ops but we like to have fun at the same time. We do random games when not in a clan op to sharpen our playing and get to know the newer members.



      Requirements: Must be 15 or higher and have a 1.00 K/D



      Recruiting: We are looking for members to join that are looking for a clan to become apart of a community. We are recruiting for the following games; MW3, BO2, and Halo 4. We have a US & EU side of the clan.



      Elite Clan Recruiting: We are looking for members to join our Elite clan that is currently lvl 24. Must be active in Ops and Challenges. MUST be apart of the clan to join the Elite Clan Team.



      Contact: you can add any of the following IllusionGaming1 iG TuskerMedics or iG TuskerMedic. Add one of the 3 to get more info on how to join the clan.