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    PLEASE Treyarch devs for BO3...

      Please please please Treyarch devs...Do not take out the "you killed" player card box that pops up near the crosshairs when you kill someone! Its absolutely essential for gameflow on a private game especially when half the fun of it is to instantly know which of your friends you have just killed so you can tease them with chatter! Its also great to know instantly who just killed you. Its sorely missing from Ghosts which is indeed an inferior game to black ops 2 in my oppinion, it feels incomplete and isnt anywhere near as much fun. Kd rush heads probably wont care much for the killed box but players that just love the fun value like me and my friends do appreciate/ rely on it for added and much needed banter. I dont know why Ghosts took it out??

           I do perfer the smaller easier to navigate maps on black ops 2  aswell, and hardpoint is a great game mode sadly missing from Ghosts. And the 360 graphics are shocking on some maps, greatly improved only on the xbox one.

           Please keep in all the good stuff (fun stuff) on the next black oos including sll the fun camos. Im still playing much more black ops 2 than ghosts and look forward to the next one. Thanks Treyarch for keeping cod alive!!!!

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          Re: PLEASE Treyarch devs for BO3...

          there are bigger problems than "who killed who player cards".....and besides....when you aim at someone..it shows their name...or you can look at the damn kill feed lollllllll....people these days

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              Re: PLEASE Treyarch devs for BO3...

              Ahh yes the usual "why cant you look at the killfeed" reply hahaha. Yes that easy to see against any background, never scrolling static large lettered killfeed...NOT!!!! If you can keep track of that your doing well my friend, not all of us cod players have great eyesight or are quick enough to use it! But theres no excuse for atleast not leaving it optional, we deserve options.

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