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    Ps3 clan,Platinum Division,Lvl 18 ,  MurderonSight is now recruiting!

      Name: MurderonSight

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      lvl: 18


      Clan kd: 1.72


      1.30 kd or higher


      Participate in clan wars

      1.00 w/l higher



      Hey guys as you can see MurderonSight is now recruiting. We are looking for members that are active daily if possible,but if not possible every other day. I don't care that much about kd as long as you are helping our team win games. Im looking for solid role players that go for the objective. I do enjoy people with high kds,but i will rather have someone go 15-20 with 5 caps in blitz than someone who go 40-10 with only 1 cap. In terms of clanwars we participate in all of them and in the last clan war we finished in 3rd place in platinum division. We won 2 clan wars so far,but looking for more active members to win more. In terms of gamemodes we play mainly Blitz,but are very versatile and play domination,cranked,killconfirmed,and more. If you are interested in joining,but don't want to seem alone or out of place. Then feel free to invite your friends to the clan as long as they fit our requirements. The more people the better. If anyone interested in joining please apply to the clan on the app@MurderonSight and/or message me on psn@Xkon-OBezzy.

      I will be looking forward to playing with guys.