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    Girl looking for mature clan. (360) (BO2)

      Title says it all..


      I'm currently the leader of an all girls clan, but it's a lot of work and its not very active anymore. I may be able to bring a few of them with me, if interested. I'm looking for a small (between 10 & 20 members) Mature (16+) Clan that is active and participates in Challenges. I'm not the best player, but I can definitely hold my own. I have a Mic and I'm on daily.

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          Re: Girl looking for mature clan. (360) (BO2)

          If you can't find the small clan that you're looking for, I am a part of LHR gaming and we are definitely an active, mature clan. We do not require a high kd or that you even play competitively. Most of our members enjoy just having fun. We are broken up into divisions and companies so that way we are not a huge mass of players! That way we can get to know eachother and always have someone to play with  The company that I am in is new so it would be awesome if you could join. If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to message me or send me a party invite.


          Gamertag: LHR Chevy


          Thanks and I hope we can team up!

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            Re: Girl looking for mature clan. (360) (BO2)

            Check us out TwoLilJit. Gold tag in BO2 & Ghost, Apply via Elite & Ghost app. This is a casual competitive gamming clan for for the mature and in U.S. only.

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              Re: Girl looking for mature clan. (360) (BO2)

              Hey there I have a Light weight clan level 21 we do all the challenges that we can we are about half girls half boys youngest person is 17 . But if you want a clan to grow with and help expand we would be perfect for you

              If you have kik add me xrawrkittyx same on xbox 360

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                Re: Girl looking for mature clan. (360) (BO2)

                hey. I have a clan of 9 people so far, 5 guys, 4 girls. If youre interested you would be the 10th. (Im trying to keep it small to be realistic and be able to include/manage easy so everyone knows eachother)


                We play daily, are solid, like to have fun, and work on elite challenges/ops every day/weekend.


                There will ALWAYS be atleast 1-2 people on to play with at all times, if not a full a party.


                If youre interested, message me on xDeparturesX


                lets get some games in and have you team up w our girls :]

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