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        80. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

        Can you please fix the private match default loadouts? Ever since the last update, the default classes in custom games select a random selection of perks and equipment. Games such as Cops and Robbers and Border Patrol cannot function properly anymore. Please fix soon

        Last Edited: Jan 23, 2014 12:38 PM
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          81. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

          yes i agree the spawns need to be changed, spawning ontop of IED's or right next to an apposing player is just bad. Spawn trapping was not suppose to be able to be done in this version. I dn't understand why u want to restrict the ghillie suite the walking bush takes ppl a while (that do it withought hacks or modded controllers) to unlock and it does not give u a big advantage. As for the tracker sight ya its dumb to restrict that as well might as well just make the ESport rules a bare bones remove perks, attachments etc... The things that need to be addressed is the spawn points, and the hacking / cheating / moding be it from a jail broke PS or a Controller or just a usb thumb drive. It all can be prevented and stopped from use. And then when ppl are caught cheating (most of which use a ghosted name so they can't get their account banned) they are seen time and time again in the lobbies which kinda shows that ya they are getting away with it. Give back the ability to watch the games in theiter mode and i'll go back to showing the proof. Yesterday was just retarded, started playing Hard Core Team Deathmatch and there was a guy on our team didn't show up on the roster on either side, name was showing up as hostile to our team we would go to shoot him and would get nothing but friendly fire but he was able to shoot and kill us and the other team. but yeat everyone on the team i was on reported him instantly and he is still playing.

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            82. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

            The new patch is currently updated right? So according to Infinity Ward, spawns have been fixed. Well, YouTuber WickedShrapnel has a video that says otherwise: Ghosts Spawns In A Nutshell - YouTube


            INFINITY WARD HAS LIED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


            Dear Infinity Ward, if you say that spawns will be fix, then do actually fix them for the sake of God and the world. Stop breaking your promises.

            Last Edited: Jan 31, 2014 12:29 AM
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              83. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

              spawns are difficult when you have random spawns, even battlefield has bad spawns

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                84. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                seriously...learn the spawns and you will be fine...there isnt really anything wrong with them lol...they spawn in set areas for the most part

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                  85. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                  I played the clan v. clan deathmatch game and it sucks being matched against a team of single players. it was much more fun having to face a team that had developed a strategy, or at the very minimum would react to us as a team. The skill level used to be moderate to good, and now it is pathetic.


                  Props on the esports rules. i kinda like that. Although i would like my assault and support packages back, but i understand the need to have them removed from something thats supposed to be competitive.



                  Could we please get the clan v clan back so that it only allows clans to enter.

                  Last Edited: Feb 2, 2014 12:09 AM
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                    86. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                    request: Patch previous MW3 theater mode into Ghosts squad mode only.  Why spend time customizing your "squad" if you can't spectate how they play?  IMO epic fail... The squads mode isn't a truly competitive mode anyway, it's a training mode so who cares if it lags sometimes?  With the advanced customization options re: characters in Ghosts, you could make some killer wartime Macihinima... just saying...

                    Last Edited: Feb 8, 2014 10:21 AM
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                      87. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                      Me and my friends would like to see a ranking system added to clan vs clan objective and have a new season every month or two.

                      Last Edited: Feb 10, 2014 5:41 AM
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                        88. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                        hi my mane is TailDawg3 I am #1 in kill confirmed technically because I have 3 hackers in front of me ... why don't you guy banned them and get them out of the leaderboard please ... I appreciate if you guys do so thank you

                        Last Edited: Feb 18, 2014 9:15 AM
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                          89. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                          It otherwords you want LP from BO2...

                          Last Edited: Feb 18, 2014 3:47 PM
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