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    My game stutters

      so i just installed this game and i have been messing around with the settings but nothing i do seems to help . the game feels like its lagging but its not lag its more of a stutter. my movements pause for a split second before it does what i want.


      my computer specs are


      intel core gen 3 i5 quad core @3.4ghz

      2 sapphire amd radeon 7950 runing in crosfire mode each card is 3g of ddr5

      i have 16g of ram


      I have no problem running any other game at ultra settings and i have all the latest updated drivers. if any one has any sugestions that would be great . thanks in advance 

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          Re: My game stutters

          Sorry for not helping you here but I have owned this game since launch day and have over 200 hours of MP and this game is a lost cause. I have done every tweaks possible to no avail. IW didn't even made something to optimize the game in their latest patch. Nothing!


          They prefer adding things that no one ask for but close their eyes on the obvious. The game runs like ****. I'm just on the verge of uninstalling this POS.


          Sorry again for the rant but I have had enough. I have 24 other big demanding games like Metro LL, Farc Cry 3 and all run well on Ultra but can't play this joke of a game on medium.

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            Re: My game stutters

            Man, I am OUTRAGED. I really wanted to play this game and I bought it today also... I was so in the mood, you know?


            - Paid $59...

            - Downloaded the 28gbs from Steam...

            - Launched the game...

            - Found a server ~ Hype!!!!!




            - Went online to find an obvious and easy fix to a problem that seemed so ridiculous...

            - Tried EVERYTHING I found online, besides that crap FPS Unlock thing, that gets you banned apparently.

            - Nothing.


            - I rage: Because there's apparently NO WAY to get my money back. Even if I bought this less than 5 hours ago.


            I am so, so god damn frustrated that I don't even know how to express it at the moment... And on top of all that, what I read everywhere is that besides these performance f***-ups, there are also a ton of cheaters in the game...


            I have never been so dissatisfied as a game customer.

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                Re: My game stutters

                I know how you feel man i tried contacting steam to see if i could get a refund played for just under an hour hopping that would help my cause but nope, no such luck. People complain about battle field being a mess i don't know why there hasn't been more talk about this game being unplayable.

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                Re: My game stutters

                options -> windowed [no border]

                probably ain't gonna do s***

                i use nvidia. this one did the trick for me. set core voltage to 1038.

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                  Re: My game stutters

                  I've own this game sence release and still haven't been able to play even 1 game. Like you said it stutters like crazy and my computer exceeds the minimum system requirements. I've spent easily 12+ hours combing over the interwebs in search of anything to fix the problem and nothing helped. Let alone any of IW's patches. Like others have said, IW for some reason WILL NOT optimize the game for PC.  

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                    Re: My game stutters

                    Greetings inkedshogun,


                    We don't officially support multi monitor use: Activision Support. For further instruction and tips, please be sure to have the latest driver updates installed and contact the manufacturer for details.




                    ATVI Support

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                        Re: My game stutters

                        So this is what you call support ?

                        You guys make me laugh


                        Bought me a BF4 key for €20 , game runs smooth ......

                        You might consider taking that as an example


                        Stop pretending

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                          Re: My game stutters

                          Wow. That is a lame response. Lame attempt. Just like the game itself.


                          This is support???????????????????????????????????????????????

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                            Re: My game stutters

                            Are you serious about your post "Flava sprinkles", did you even read the OP's main post or is this crappy attempt to troll and annoy people ( personally i hope you get fired for being a thick troll )  .


                            The game does not work as intended , do your job you annoying waste of space and provide ..... wait for it .......... support !


                            2 things that me and everyone in the pc forum want to know is :


                            Does activision and there support know about this issue with slow downs,lag and stuttering/hiking


                            and 2nd of all : why has there been nothing done to fix the issue?


                            Before you start with all the nonsense with drivers, min spec blah blah it has all been implemented my PC is complete overkill for this quality of  game ( which is pathetic) . if you guys at Activision cannot fix it ( fps issues), this would mean that I'm at a loss and if this is the case i would like to do the following :  When/how can I get my money back for purchasing this " not fit for purpose " game !  and how can I make a complaint about the service provided By : ATVI Support, and i would like a manager/senior adviser at your office to speak to me direct via e-mail to get to a resolution to the issues that I'm facing !


                            Do not ignore this post, as i will be posting this everyday untill i get an adequate response ....

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                              Re: My game stutters

                              The story continues ...... no support (as we have seen in previous posts).

                              When you ask for a solution , radiosilence ......


                              People , stop posting up here.

                              It won't work , they won't help you.


                              Inferior game.

                              Inferior creators.

                              Inferior support ( NO ? support).


                              You can post as long as you like , for decades.

                              Waste of time.


                              When you want to play CoD , go back to Treyarch.

                              Stop buying this crap from IW and do yourselves a favor.


                              BOYCOT THIS LOAD OF **** , BOYCOT IW




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                              Re: My game stutters

                              Crossfire has more problems than SLI but to my understanding after about the 4th or so patch CF was supposedly fixed.


                              Try lowering your settings, here's what I use:


                              My rig (i7-3930K, SLI GTX 770's, 32GB RAM, 2560x1440, Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, etc)

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                                  Re: My game stutters

                                  Those graphical settings won't work.

                                  Face it : Nothing will work , just leave it as it is and move on to another game that WORKS.

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                                      Re: My game stutters

                                      For this game to 'work' you need a GTX 760 or HD 7970/R9 270X or better GPU(s) and with at least 2GB of vRAM. Anything less you'll need to lower your settings and/or your resolution being rendered to remedy the 'Stutter' not to be confused with Lag/Lag Comp. Derp even with my settings on some maps and especially explosions/smoke i.e effects I sometimes have FPS drops (40's ~50's) but the vast majority of time I'm pegging the 91 FPS limit.

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