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    Chaos and Bloodshed (One of the best clans out there in BOII) recruiting! (PS3)

      **Clan Montage**

      What we do in most of our games (First 10 seconds)

      **Clan Website**


      **My PSN**


      **What we want**

      People with a good amount of days gameplay and...

      2.0+ KDR

      1.0+ WL

      Objective players, no killwh0res (Unless playing solo, etc)

      People who are looking more than just to play; people who will get along with us ON THE WEBSITE chatroom and come on the website often

      People who do not cry over any little insult

      Domination only players

      **What is different about our clan website**



      We do NOT have clan forums, NO ONE wants to make an account just to participate in them an then forget their password

      Website has NO UNNECESSARY INFORMATION! Just a chat box on the main page, and clan roster in another page

      I update clan roster every once in a while; I keep track of someone's location(state), Kill/Death, Win/Loss, and Join Date.

      I keep track of every clan battle we have; Date of CB, Map, Game Mode, Match Outcome, and Participating members.

      Instead of FORUMS, we have a CHAT BOX:




      In this chat box, you can SEE who is online, their clan rank, their username and their "avatar" they choose from a list(or upload a picture from Photobucket)



      **Clan Accomplishments**


      Black Ops 1:

      One member was 27 ALL TIME in career section of leaderboards (Still is in our clan)

      A COUPLE of members were number 1 in FFA / TDM MONTHLY & WEEKLY a couple of times

      A 6 man party of our clan (Originally named 2PRO) achieved a 75-0 game in TeamDeathmatch

      A 3 man party achieved a 201-0 in DOMINATION recently. (2 months ago)


      Black Ops 2:


      We are ALL legit (Geez, for once a clan with 3KD+ is legit) Now a days, every clan has a guy with 50 killchains and 4KD, when most of us have a 4KD without boosting ONCE.

      Have not had perfect score in Black Ops 2 but...

      Constant 200-10 games in DOMINATION

      Have a VSAT up within 50 seconds of the game 95% of the time

      HardPoint: 250-3 (We let them in in the beginning of the game...DAMN IT)

      Had a 4 v 7 clan battle in DOMINATION. Look below to see who won (:




      My Elite:

      https://elite.callofduty.com/player/hq/ps3/a992592fb701b702fb7ba405862334b413fe6 1a4d1257fd1

      Clan Elite:



      Just a video of me playing solo; all those K9 units doe.