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    Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

      First off obviously there are Hackers in this and practically any Multiplayer game, and Ghost is not exclusive to the Noob Hacker club. So this discussion isn't about whether there are Hackers, there are and it's a fact, but more on 'How you know for sure someone is hacking, or a good player.'


      If I list 'my' interpretation right off then it will only color your opinions verses other opinions and verses some facts. Key word is facts.


      I'm a decent FPS gamer and quite frankly I feel like I'm having an 'off day' unless someone throws a hackusation at me every so often...in Ghosts it's about every 2~3 days. It was the same for BO2 and this forum attracts hackusations as the topic of choice along with an assortment of broken attributes of a particular game.


      Q - How do you know someone is actually hacking?

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          1. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

          well first i want to change your terms.. people are not hacking, they are modding.. hacking is what was done to the psn  a year or so back calling a modder a hacker is giving them too much credit.


          second and to answer your question.. im not a pc player, so i would imagin its more obvious, however on ps3 it can be difficult to tell.. but what helps alot are the kill cams.. you can also check stats.. if a player had full body count camo and have 2 hrs played, you know he modded to get it


          ive only encountered really 1 true modder, and i knew he was modding by the kill cam


          he had "UAV hack" he would sit in an area, and once he saw an enemy spawn in he would imediately move right to the spawn and aim exactly on the person.. now where he was, you could not sound whore, and he did not have a sat com.. once i called him out in the lobby.. he then changed his gamer tag name to  a taunting name in different colors and left the lobby.. so i was correct

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            2. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

            Lobby modding as such is pretty rare on the PC or at least specifically in Ghosts; the mods I've seen are: XP Hacked lobbies e.g. 60K XP per kill and 'God Mode' but most are not 'God Mode' and more like making themselves look like they're on the opposing team or 'Tag Hacks.'


            As far as 'Hacking' an AimBot, Wall Hack, etc is still considered a 'hack' on the PC because it modifies the games code to produce the desired effects.

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              3. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

              Before each game I look at the lobby scoreboard and anyone over 1.5 KDR is already tagged "suspicious". Then I look at their score and compare with rank. Often times they are boosted. Sometimes high KDRs have low scores which is legit. I also look at KDRs to determine their playstyle. High KDRs generally camp/snipe. A staggering amount of 2+ KDRs hack or have hacked in the past. I also leave lobbies where I remember player names being known hackers. Obviously I can't post those names here.


              Every time I am killed in game I look at the banner/emblem and analyze the kill cam. My experience shows that 10th prestige players with rainbow backgrounds and gold guns generally hack. Then it comes down to watching kill cams multiple times looking for any of the following:

              • minigun/deathmachine usage (w/o enemy ammo crates announced)
              • kill cam depicting my death also shows multiple other kills during the same kill cam
              • repeatedly shot through wall/floor/ceiling
              • aims follows me through a wall
              • 180 degree turn and kill
              • ADS snaps to target
              • thrown explosives that hit get a hit marker before detonating; especially when thrown at an arc
              • extreme accuracy
              • repeated uncanny aim (shooting at things neigh invisible on the kill cam)
              • other players claim someone is hacking; those players get an extra critical eye


              I'm sure I've misidentified and misreported "hackers" but it the price a good player pays amidst all of the certified hackers running rampant. When faced with this situation I say, "either they're too good for me or they're cheating". Either way, I look for another game.


              As an aside, squads really needs to allow MP operations with no XP penalty. Then I'd never have to worry about hackers... only aimboting AI which I find ironic.

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                4. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                I entered my second hacked lobby since release day. Both hacked lobbies were within 1-2 weeks of each other so it's becoming more prevalent. The game actually allowed more than 12 players. The game was over pretty quickly as my friend and I joined midway. The score screen actually had a scroll bar (down pointing arrow) showing more federation players that were off screen. Ghost players were severely outnumbered; so it went a step further than masking itself as a "ground war game". FWIW, the gametype was TDM.

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                  5. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                  Hey man,

                  The answer is that you never know. But if I see something strange multiple times.. then I suspect it. It also depends on the game.. in some games cheating is far more prevalent than others and my level of suspicion will escalate faster.

                  Unfortunately I've played some games where cheating is so bad you are actually better off expecting that everyone is cheating at some level before you even play.

                  I know some guys from the CS world that were partitioning for a pay to play league that would not only have most of the money go towards AC moderators, but also require a monthly subscription withdrawn right from the player's bank account- this would mean bans would on the person (by name) and not the account (so no coming back). I believe this would greatly improve the online gaming experience overall and hope that something on this level is eventually implemented.

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                    6. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                    Somebody goes 37-0 in a TDM match.

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                      7. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                      Gold Gun's and Rank means nothing; frankly in this game gold is ugly as hell; in BO2 all my primaries and launchers were diamond and ditto with the thousands of other players. I get the vibe you think a lot of (most) players are hacking or better there are no 'clean' aka 'hack free' lobbies in Ghosts. Most players KDR's in Ghosts are close to what they had in e.g. BO2.


                      Try playing against a Korean Pro Gamer ... how fast can you or me exit the lobby. Hacks slow them down!

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                        8. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                        Here is an obvious one: [Removed by Moderator] ^AH


                        I'm going to come out with a book with pics like this called "where's cheat-o" and you have to find them so I can make my money back on this game



                        Well since moderator removed my pic link the KDR by player#1 for the entire match was 59 kills and 9 deaths.


                        player #2(that I speak of in below post) KDR was 24 kills 28 deaths

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                          9. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                          Where's Cheat-O Chapter 2 [Removed by Moderator] ^AH


                          OK, so played another match after last post and behold there is someone this round that's got a crazy KDR and so happens they also appeared in the crowd in "where's cheat-o chapter 1" in my previous post.


                          I'm not so concerned about rank as people can have more than one soldier they play but KDR is a total dead give away I believe for most of the cheaters... they give themselves away because they get greedy and the KDR shows it.


                          Since mod removed my pic link player #2 (in my previous post) was normal KDR no cheat suspected... I see same player in game today and KDR was 47 kills and 6 deaths for whole match. Totally cheating!



                          A real gamers forum opening soon...


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