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    any clans recruiting? 360/one


      My friend and i are looking for a clan.
      My kd is roughly 1.69, i try to keep it in that area.
      I am currently in a clan but realistically only joined because two of my good friends are in there, there is no point in being in and playing with people daily if you don't like your company lol

      a active clan with a mixture of core and hardcore players. i prefer hardcore but when it comes to clan wars i will play almost anything to help out except S&R I am a complete fail at that game mode. I will not give up on clan wars even if most have. i have spent 4 bloody hours playing blitz by myself because no one in my current clan wanted to and i got the node for us.


      My friend his KD is much lower than mine 0.63, i have seen it reach 1.0 a few times i can work with him if need be. he is 20yrs old and iam 26 we both have ghosts on the 360 and the one and can go back and forth on the consoles to play with everyone.
      My GT is Dig1talDolly , My friends is GT is BasicDisturbed1
      prefer to play with you and your clan first before a decision. get to know us as we get to you know you and your clan.

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          My clan is currently recruiting all players over 1.00... im online now and my XBL GT is  Feuer Frei XX!!! message me and invite your friends if they are over 1.00 KDR

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            Hey matey i have a small lvl 10 clan of friends Ssh! we play mainly hc dom when clan wars isnt up we are all 20+ and from the uk. we have a laugh and do as many clan wars as we can we have afew on xbox one and afew on xbox 360 most of us have k/d of 1+ you and your friend are more than welcome to join add me SNAK3Y JAKE for more info or check us out on the app Ssh! cheers hope to hear from u

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              Hi my gamertag is HolyRicerrr HD i am the AKAZ LT. commander we are currently trying to build different squads for different game type for clan wars we are lv13 clan and would be glad to have you and your friend if he could work on his kd. I heard you are intereted in hardcore well if you join us u can be hardcpre squad leader and make your own little crew under us message my commander WesAKAthechamp for more info. We are looking forward to having you

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                Hey, Desired Kills are looking for players of all KD ratios it doesnt matter at all. We came 3rd in our division in the latest war mainly due to not having quite enough people playing. If interested pop onto the website desiredkills.com and apply, you will be accepted. We have a decent few on xbox one but need more. If you want to add me feel free to do so

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                  Hi my clan is Ca$hmoneybro$ we are currently recruiting. we have no entry requirements, just as long as you are an active player. our clan kd is currently 1.04 and we even have our own website (http://cashmoneybros.enjin.com/home). We have both advanced and beginner players. We are a very friendly clan and also competitive. We cover all 4 platforms( xbox1,ps4,ps3,xbox360) and I cover the ps4, you can reach me on my psn: felias_97     If you are interested in joining, just check out our website, register and contact one of our members, or look us up on the clan search on the call of duty app, Thank you

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                    heey join us we doing 360 ps3 and ps4 ReaperzUnited hope u join ukwildcats1988

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                      you can always try 1CKC. were a small clan.....well we started off big but it went down hill. starting from the bottom getting a whole new family of oddities lol. only thing is need a mic and not be a douche bag.. thats my job lol. no minimum k\d and just get on when you can.... my gt. is J0KER CKC..... clan is 1CKC



                      XBOX ONE

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                        Hey man whats up? Looks like you would match our clan perfectly. We are the EXACT same way. we don't hold clan meeting and there are no KD requirements as We too play objectively. Our clan is CAMPERSNEVERWIN(CNW). What we are doing is trying to find people to join that do meet some VERY small requirements. 1.) you download the call of duty app 2.) during clan wars if you are online, you play the objective. We got rid of alot of people because we would be trying to cap a node and they would be online, but playing extinction. We don't need people like that. We only require you to play the objective during clan wars. That's every other weekend. Other than that, we do not hold meetings, we do not care about KD, we do not care if u rock the clan tag, we will not make you change your name to include our clan and we do understand sometimes, you may want to play by yourself if there is no clan war going on. Hit me up on Xbox one .... Vip3rTh3Snyper ... or if you're on 360 hit up BlackOpsA33 and tell him I sent you. He is our 360 go-to-guy

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                          Hello, myself and some friends have just started a competitive, but yet fun, clan called Anarchic Gaming. We have a lot planned so far! But we just started and so we're looking for people to help make it happen. We enjoy helping people and making them better, and we also want to start partaking in clan wars, as well as getting e more competitive team ready for gamebattles. I am someone who fully believes in playing with people before joining a clan, so I do respect that decision and would love to hear from you. (PS: we are 18+ except for my friends little brother who's 16 but he doesnt talk much).

                          If you have questions, my GT is: x FlipTheBird , and here's our clan website: anarchicgaming (dot) enjin (dot) com