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    Any News About The DLC?

      Have any one idea what day come the DLC for the PC users?..its good to answer someone responsible of this site  Like candy and fox!Because I see many people write and post somethink and no one responsible they don't answer for this post of people!  Its not enough to see from some people called candy or foxhound to post only for updates and fixes! But even that post I don't wait somethink to do or wake up the workers there!


      Thanks Again!

                Even If I don't see any Answer From site Owners....

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          yeah, when is the DLC coming for PC?

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            wierd worlds are these

            It will probably be the end of this month, but I would prefer them to do what Dice has done and not release any DLC until they have fixed the game.


            At the moment I have not even got it installed since it won't run at anything above 25fps for me, and that is on a pc that runs Battlefield 4 at 1080p Ultra Preset at over 120fps easily.

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              Here is some news... don't get it unless you just want to play on new maps with the same old hackers. They need to release a dedi server to the public and add an in game server browser before DLC for this game. The DLC does look good however don't forget they are showing you footage from games without cheaters and hackers so it looks like fun. DON'T BE FOOLED!

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                I take it that you tried to use your family brain sell and asked a question about DLC .

                Can I take it you do not have the same issues as most of the PC community with this game and you have the only working copy of ghosts and the servers you go on do not lag .

                It is because of people like you that we have been stone walled by IW the more money you send there way the less we will get what we need . To have this game fixed and as they intended it to be played be for I will by any DLC.

                They have fixed all the things they can fix  but are not fixing the main issues with the game .

                If they are listening to use why have they had a complete blackout of information to the pc community ?

                I implore you not to by DLC until IW face there demons and tell use if this mess can be fixed or not

                As I see it this will be the last CALL of Duty  that I will buy if they don't fix it


                Best Regards to all Pc Players

                Rusty Blade

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                  I think the release date is Feburary 27. it has always been a month earlier on Xbox. Is there even a good explanation to why it's on the Xbox first? Did Microsoft pay Activision for getting it out on the Xbox first?