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    Another glitch with sights...

      Is anybody else having this issue?  I've scoured the net and I can't find anybody else complaining of the same bug. 


      The issue arises when I use the tracker sight or sometimes with sniper sights.  When I'm in ADS, sometimes the blurry area surrounding the sight will glitch out.  Part of the screen will appear to zoom in with the sight and kind of display what I'm already looking at with the sight, but on another part of the screen, and still blurry. 


      When this happens with the tracker sight, the glitched part of the screen appears in the upper left corner of the screen, and when it occurs with sniper sights, the glitched portion takes up the entire left half of the scree.  This obscures my view of what should be my immediate surroundings so I can see if anybody walks in to my periphery.


      I have tried this with different gun/attachment/map combinations and I can't seem to pinpoint what is causing it.

      I have contacted the company about it and they are looking into it, but I haven't found any other complaints of the issue or any youtube videos that show the same problem.  I'd just like to know I'm not the only one experiencing the bug.  Thanks!