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    CoD Ghosts team orientated or not?

      So does anyone here thin this is a team orientated game? Personally I don;t for the simple reason I have a 1.14 w/l with a 1.08 k/dr and I only play lone wolf and for myself and not the team ever. Yet someone with randoms I have managed to achieve and maintain a positive k/dr and w/l. Basically proving that teamwork is not required. Nor do I use a mic/headset 99% of my games, further proving that communication is not really required either in this game. Which is why most people don't play for the objective or care as much as some of the people here that complain when others dong play the objective. There is simply no real reason too.


      Though I mainly play tdm and hc, even when playing objective game modes there is no real reason to communicate or work as a team to get a win. Randoms can outplay full teams just as easily as teams can out play randoms at times. Neither is really any better than the other in this game.

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