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        90. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

        Going to back to Counter Strike. Tired of all the sniper nerfs. You want people to stop? Make only headshots a one shot kill and ditch the semi auto snipers. Funny thing is I do much better with standard ARs and SMGs. QSing and sniping was just fun to do. I very very rarely have seen any QSers dominate a match. The debate will rage on until they go back to what Black Ops 1 did with it's snipers pre patch. I would rant and rave about this but at this point I've pretty much given up. The past 2 CoDs have had nerfs on very risk/reward weapons and now it simply seems as those weapons are just risky to use period. Why would I snipe you from across the map when there are plenty of ways to get to you in mid range and just burst you into oblivion with ARs? Your only option (if you were good enough) was to try to zoom in and snap a shot off.  Sidearms don't come up fast enough. Even with the fast switch perk, it isn't fast enough if I'm already pumping lead into you.

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          91. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

          Bye. There was no need to tell us this.

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            92. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

            I was leaving my 2 cents in hopes that compounding the ideas of others would hopefully make an adjustment to the rifles again. I'm assuming your impression of me is a spoiled kid who isn't getting his way. I was trying to make a statement of how easy it is to circumvent snipers and take advantage of their weapons pre patch. In my opinion the post patch simply encourages camping snipers...which the community hates anyway.

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              93. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

              I think he was just making an example of mid range smgs. Headshot with a body shot will kill from mid distance. I agree that it's impossible to 2 shot someone with an smg across the map. I think he was just kind of throwing them in there as far as kill time goes.

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                94. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                Drop shotting is just plain stupid unless your using a hugely bulky gun like a LMG. Quickscoping was nerfed because someone with a one shot kill weapon with massive range and a scope could stand in the middle of a map too far for most players to get a decent shot off in time with their lesser accuracy and decreased damage at range and would be shot one after the other in an effortless manner.

                Now i do agree fully with the diversity of weapons not being used or their attachments but when someone can put on an ak12 and no scope, arx or a sniper and run around popping people off one after another then you need to look at why.

                Its because these 2 assault rifles offer power speed and range without a scope and with minimal recoil.

                So thats the way people play and ignore other weapons because they lack what these 3 have.


                Easy way to fix it would be offer lower specs for people not using a scope otherwise draw time plus their high specs will always rule over people that play at medium/ long distance who find them selves in CQC

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                  95. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                  I think if someone did exactly that and stood in the middle of a map would eventually get flanked or counter sniped. Not trying to be disrespectful, that's just usually the situation. There are a minimal amount of people in the world who can dependably pull off such a feat. Smokes are an option, though I admit I don't see smokes popped out too often. Especially with the thermals running around, I think the only map where someone would have a difficult time flanking a sniper is Stonehaven. Your option then becomes counter sniping. QSing itself is not so simple to pull off. Especially with the height and speed of a jump. Typically if I have to snap a shot off, I can sometimes get a cqc player strafing or drop shotting. However, this is rare and I typically get sprayed down as I'm zooming in. Even before the patch. Now I just stay scoped in. I would say I am a decent sniper. Holding roughly a 60% accuracy rate. But my k/d with the sniper is close to 1:1 because it's so easy to get flanked. Which is usually what happens. LMGs have been useful since mw3 since they are accurate enough to suppress an area now. We all know that. Usually I get nailed from an LMG since it's accuracy is pretty good. Even long range. I'll take a hit and since toughness doesn't do anything anymore, I die or I have to back off.

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                    96. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                    I think its a pretty good comment that the ones that defend it are the ones doing it.


                    Take bayview for example, you cant check 6 bloody directions quick enough. There is merit to what you are saying to some degree but if  the player is at a yards distance then reaction/ aiming is going to be an issue. Good for you if you find some way to counter this but i doubt every one who complains is incompetent and not trying.

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                      97. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                      Fine keep your quick scoping but give every other weapon the same range and damage and a scope and i guarantee you will be saying but but... Its the whole cake and eat it scenario. You can kill in one shot at close range and the other side of the map with a scope on.

                      If my riot shield had a smash range of even 5 feet and 1 smash kill then oh no thats something that needs to be nerfed because i cant quick scope quick enough to take him out.


                      Give the one shot kill single slug shotgun attachment unlimited range with damage and i bet all you snipers will be complaining quick smart

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                        98. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                        Yes i understand that but thats the point, they dont care about there kd at all. they do stand in the middle of the map popping off players at any distance until they are shot them selves. They usually have a 200 percent death rate but alot put on ground jammers anyway which limits our effectiveness at range to take them out or use streaks against them. Not saying every sniper is in this basket but alot are. There isnt alot of snipers that are getting consistent assault streaks and are quite happy to get 3 kills die 3kills die

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                          99. Re: Why Patch the Snipers When There's Other Problems?

                          Exaggeration does nothing but detract from any point you are trying to make, ergo I will always call it out in the hopes that people correct themselves. Theres no point trying to debate or discuss anything with someone who keeps on pulling complete rubbish out of thin air.

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