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    What's with all the Newbie Hate?

      I am completely new to the series and have only been playing since November.  I'm still learning what style of play I like and what guns to use and so what.  Obviously my kill:death ratio is not great.  It was .288 or something and I've raised it to a .299.  I get SOOOO much grief when I play with these diehard fans.  I get "Why bother playing if that's your K:D ratio?, What's the point?"  No kindness at all.  What's with all the hate?  I did manage to find a clan that would accept me so I could play with them and I do have friends who understand that I am learning and don't give me crap.  But if anyone could explain to me what is with the intense hatred toward newbies?  It's a game and I like to play and have fun, even though I'm not the best at it.  I'm better at other games, but since when is playing video games not about having fun?   Anyone?

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          Don't worry.  When your kd is 1 you will get hated on.  When your kd is 1.5 and the other guy has a 1.51 you will get hated on.  Those that choose to hate will do so based on the thinnest reasoning or none at all.  They just like doing it.  It's good that you've found a clan to run with.  That should help you get better at the game faster but again the hate is always going to be there no matter what you kd is.  In fact, you could have a 6 kd and you'll get hated on for being a tryhard.  Your best course of action is to use the Mute all but party option and get back to enjoying the game and improving upon your skills.  Let the haters live in their small little worlds by themselves.

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            It doesn't matter, no matter what u will get hated on.  I am 10th prestige with +2.5 kd and max level clan.  I am called no-lifer, hacker, try-hard, and whatever else they come up with!!

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              Just ignore them, that's how this series is. No matter what your rank, style, experience, skill level is you will be pissing off someone. If you do badly people will hate on you for being a n00b, if you do well people will hate on you saying you lag or hack. Honestly about 3/4 of the time i mute everyone who isn't in my party so i don't have to listen to it.The only other options are 1. ignore it 2. talk sh*t back. love it or hate it it's part of this series. Also play extinction mode! it's great fun and people are a bit more lenient with n00bs. aside from that joining a clan was a good idea, play with them, and improve your skills and ignore the haters.

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                Well. Ur kd puts u in the bottom of the food chain within the cod habitat.


                Best advice to roll over the hatred. Learn the game now, find ur favorable selection of setups. Get used to the maps and its ways of functioning.  Then start a new account and then u can have a more respectable kd ratio.



                Regarding haters, doesn't matter anyway... it's just a way people go to oversize themselves to feel better. If ur made of gold... they will say ur too shiny, if ur made of crap, they will say ur too stinky.  Same story, different settings all the same.



                Bottom line is... it isn't about what people say, it's how u enjoy the game.

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                  You shouldn't let other players bother you pal, it's your game, you paid for it therefore you should play how you desire.

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                    Ignore em! I posted  the other day 'Sometimes you just can't win' that I had 2 teammate s leave the lobby moaning I was affecting their game as I was ending up with 25+ kills and few deaths guess what the same happened again last night !High  KD is nice but having fun is sooooo much more important.

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                      Hi , well don't worry too much about. Actually I am no good player at all 0.5 k/d and being killed oftenly.Your own team might not like you in their team but worry not the ennemies love it being against you. Hate, laugh and insults I stopped care about by muting all but group; I have my fun, my friends too and I learn several styles of gaming on my own pace. Muting changed everything lol no more stress and no more insults. You know? that moment you're a perfect noob and you headshot a skilled guy? yea that moment...^^ they hate you, team mates do when you get killed but answering or care is a waste of time. Play your own pace and mute man. it changed my fun.

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                        That's just CoD for you. It doesn't matter if you are good or bad, you will get hate. Just know that you are the majority, most people aren't that great at CoD. I'm on the other side. I'm fairly decent because I've been playing a long time. If I do good I get spammed with either messages or hate over the mic for being a cheater. If I don't do that great then I get messages or voices asking me how I can be so terrible with my stats. People have been reporting me for cheating since it was possible. These comments are usually followed by a remark about my mother lol.

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                          Internet hard men as usual

                          14 year olds who have been at mums stash tin

                          Mute the F*** your mum cretins they thrive on attention.

                          1st thing i get is abuse about my football team,all about what you do,if you scream & shout they know they have got to you.Most are just closet bullies who are picked on at school or at work or in the jail they currently inhabit   a few one liners can help....

                          "sorry m8 can you repeat that i could`nt tell what you were saying cos of all the **** comin out yer mouth"

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                              K/D is overrated...some are legit players, others are campers. I have a 2.0 k/d but win % is 88%...most folks that have a high k/d have a terrible win %. All in all, k/d means nothing if you don't win the match...just like Kobe can score 50pts a game, but if Lakers lose, who cares?

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                              everyone gets hated on for being new when they start, no one wants you on their team etc. its part of the COD culture.. when you get better and understand how to play that works for you, yo will get hated on for other reasons.. and if all fails youll simply be "garbage" for no reason at all, so dont worry about it.. if it bothers you too much, just mute

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                                Yeah, it's important to recognize that there's just a lot of mentally unstable fools.  

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                                  k/d is becoming useless to judge who may be good in a room. I have come across a few people now who are friends of friends joining the lobby/party who just created a new name/user to keep their k/d up. Always look at the lobby leaderboard. If their k/d is above 2/3 and they have only played 10 or less matches, then that may be what they are doing. Everyone has a different play style and mode they prefer, just be patient.


                                  As for camping that is what it is. Any military in the world are not going to train their soldiers to run out in the open, arms flailing, wildly shooting..you creep and watch. If you're playing against someone that got you, then you get them, and they get you AGAIN from the same spot 30 seconds ago...that is camping (minus a sniper because that is his job). But one must think....>> If you keep going back to the person that is "CAMPING", is it not your fault for going back over and over and over again, instead of changing your strategy?? It is not his fault you go 5 and 20 for going back to him, if you are going to give him kills, it's your fault!! Everyone gets accused of this. Yesterday I shot 3 guys, hid behind a wall to reload, enemy comes around corner and I shoot him and I hear "camper" over the mic after he died...you lost, FIN!!


                                  Thank you for my rant. \\m//

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                                    THANK YOU all of you for your remarks!!!  It does get annoying from time to time to listen to those people.  I just don't get it.  I do talk back.  If it's so hardcore for them, why not play hardcore?  It's not like it's real life.  Anyway, I enjoy the game and am getting the hang of it.   Thanks for the replies all.

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                                      Good post,


                                      Just play, try to find people you can party up with and that will help you. The thing is ultimately no one likes to lose, and will blame (I have done this) to the "new" guy. But its mostly a moment thing, again, party up and that should help you some.

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                                        Don't worry kid, It's part of earning your stripes. Most of the ppl that make fun of lower KD players, are players that at one point or another were in your shoes. We all have gone through this stage. Just mute them and learn to play the game at your pace.


                                        Also, keep in mind that there is a lot of hate towards the newer casual players, since the game is catered to them now. A lot of veteran players dislike that.

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                                          Just want to say Great post! I am new to the Call of Duty franchise myself and was pretty shocked at first about the hate on new players. Don't let it get to you at all, if you like the game and want to stick with it you will get better, it's a natural process and I actually told a friend the other night it's a lot like learning a musical instrument in an odd way lol. It's good that you have a clan you can play with, a team to be successful and improve. I started with a k/d of .446 and I'm up to about .669 now but my win record is terrible so like the other experienced players have been saying on this thread it can be a misleading stat. Since I joined a clan I've been seeing that win percentage go up and it's because we're working as a team and it's a lot of fun! Stick with it and don't let the hate discourage you!

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                                            Just ignore them. We all have to start somewhere. It took me a while to find my thumbs since I was always a PC gamer. My first COD and FPS on console was BLOPS2, and I was absolutely terrible for a long time.

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                                              People can't stand someone new beating them it's that simple.

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                                                its pretty simple, you're get hated on regardless of your KD playstyle and what not, i kinda find full party clan hate the best lol, you end up with randoms but still get more kills then them all and they still hate on you

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                                                  Try playing Squads,will give you a feel for the maps,certain gamemodes and trying differrent loadouts etc.Domination is also a good game mode,you may not get a good K/D but you can help your team by capping as often as possible.Thats how I play Dom anyway,The Sacrificial Lamb style.K/D is 1.05 and W/L 1.25 but I have fun.Not bad for nearly 50yrs.The Mute button is a godsend,it saddens me the utter bile and crassness some people spout at others,when at the end of the day it is just a game.Remember when you are at the bottom the only way is UP

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                                                    There are certain players who only care about K/D and if they have an inexperienced player on their team, it turns to rage city. You are right, there is too much n00b hate. K/D is not even that relevant of a statistic in some game modes. If you play domination, your K/D might drop a little bit due to PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY. You might see the ones complaining are 30-1 and have the lowest score on the team, because they played no objectives. Don't stress about the haters, just mute them if they bother you and play your own style. Even those "great" players started off with your level of skill at some point. You'll get the hang of it and get better and you will hear less and less as you go.

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                                                      When I first started playing my kd was low, everyone has to start somewhere. It's no different from any other game, the more you play, the better you become.

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                                                        Don't listen to the mean players. They just like to think themselves better than anyone when they are not. Just ignore them and do your best. Also mute them as well.

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                                                          Well, because you have other modes that can still give you the same amount of fun without ruining others' fun. You go online to compete with another player. That's point of multiplayer. While the majority see fun in that, you have others who just see fun in... LOL See, that's the weird part.I always hear somebody claiming that they just like to have fun in the game, but are not specific about what's actually fun for them.


                                                          So my question would be: what's the fun part about online in CoD: Ghosts?


                                                          I was a newbie before. But I never had my butt kicked to the point where I hear the things that was said to you. I was introduce to the CoD series. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be playing this game at all. My 1st start, CoD: Modern Warfare 2. My 2nd game was MW3, and after that was Ghosts. You see, I didn't buy all the CoD games. So when you've mentioned that you've played since November, I find it weird that you're not good enough to balance out your kills and deaths.


                                                          At this point, you should be at least this type of player: kills-15 and deaths-15.


                                                          I play on the highest sensitivity. Which was done by getting use to the default, and moving up 1 every time I was use to the next level of sensitivity. My playing styles was always "move in" and "wait for the right moment to act." Pretty much, I'm just a stealth player. As a newbie, I would recommend that all newbies should use all stealth parks, silencers on all guns and use support streaks (ammo crate, Rocket launcher & the streak that kills all devices on the ground).


                                                          Since you have been playing since November, you should know about the usual hiding spots and main areas that players like to be at. This should help on where to aim before moving out in the open. Also, you should know the spawning areas.


                                                          And looking at the map on the top left is important. If you're too far away from your team, then you're too close to the others. If your teammate is firing his/her gun off in a certain direction, the map will let you know that by brightening up one of your teammate team color. That's the cue to look in that direction and help out

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                                                            Mute all but party & enjoy the game. It's mostly just a lot background noise, babies crying, whistling, humming, bad rap music with nasty vulgar comments being tossed around.  Not worth listening to anyway.

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                                                              because nerds, that's all

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                                                                That's good that you found a clan to play with. Even if you got better at the game the best weapon in the game is not any gun or a class setup but "TEAMWORK". Look at it this way you can only go up from there and your clan members will surely make you better no doubt.


                                                                I was terrible at Black Ops 1, my first multi-FPS. My KD was .5 or less and the clan I tried out for didn't even accept me in the clan. I improved and got into that clan. 3 CODs down the line, my game play has gotten better as I've surpassed the ones who rejected me in the beginning and am a part of a clan that is full of good players with 1.9 KDs and 89% W/L now.


                                                                Don't give up and keep at it.