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    Anyone else think activision is doing a great job at listening to the community?

      It seems to me that everyone is grilling activision because they think Ghosts is a bad game. I did agree at first, but the more I play it, the more I like it! I saw a youtube video by someone and they said this. Maybe you should try playing it differently if you don't like it. It's not as fast paced as I'd like it, but it's still good, and I will be making a video on this on my channel soon ( www.youtube.com/ayomikun8219 ). It's quite nice to see how much Activision is actually listening to the community, it seemed odd that there was no S&D, but they brought it in. In the past, we rarely saw Acivision jumping in to release patches and new game modes (Like Heavy Duty) but already they have done a lot. They're trying to fix the spawns, and are making the game better by adding new loadouts to infected. I only wish now, that they would get rid of the Heavy Duty game type, and incorporate 130 health to the whole core playlist. To me, it feels like how CoD should. It would be amazing if they could also put Ground War into current gen versions, but I guess that isn't possible now. What are your guys views? Do you think Activision is doing a good job at listening to the community? What would you like to see changed? I'd love to know