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    POC Solo escape 5 relics

      I keep getting to the final hive but always go down on it, I can handle the rhino, its the multitude of hunters with scorpions shooting me at the same time. Ive escaped with 5 relics with a group but can't do it solo.




      magnum or full auto pistol



      riot shield


      5 relics


      Anybody have ideas or methods they have used to pull off this feat?

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          Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

          Dang!  Best I've done is hive 13.  I tried with feral and with armor but never tried with vulture; I always run the sentries.


          I feel that we deserve a better score than what we're getting even without the escape.  Five relics on Solo is crazy hard and that is why I am obsessed with getting it done.  I was proud when I first reached the cabin area on five relics.

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              Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

              I do sentries with a group but it's hard to do it solo since you have to protect it just so it can be useful. plus with the 3000 cap, you can only do one at a time, which makes it difficult. The reason I do vulture is it does watch your back plus the cryptids can't destroy it like they can with sentries. Using vultures is usually how I get all the way to the end. I suggest trying it and seeing if it helps you more or not, cause sentries are really good too.


              Riot shield obviously helps watch your back too.


              I do feral because of the faster moving and healing factors, which counteract the they cause more damage relic.


              I do explosive just because of the "even if you miss a bit, it still hits, which helps with the accuracy challenges plus makes your damage a bit higher, counteracting the you cause less damage relic.


              I do magnums dual wield because with explosive ammo, you can take down everything except rhinos out real quick, which helps with hunters mostly to keep them from getting in your face, but I do pistols sometimes just because of the significantly greater amount of ammo (magnum after the 50% more clip) caps at 162, as opposed to the normal 360ish pistol cap


              After many trials, this is the loadout that gets me furthest, but I just cant seem to get that finishing blow on the last hive.

              One time I even went down and the hive was destroyed right in front of me when it said mission failed. Literally seconds away.

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              Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

              wow, just getting there with the 5 relics is already amazing! you must be really great, congrats !


              I have like nothing to advise since I could just never get that far with 5 relics, though, when i use the 5 relics in co op, i usually max out the riot when im in the cabin area, and put my back against a wall.


              let me know how you pull this off some day ..

              take care.

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                Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                What is your take on the Rhinos?  They kill me more often than not.

                I feel that I have no clue off killing them, more of a luck than anything else when i get him.


                So frustrating; I almost always die when the rhino appears at the first hive in the Cabin area.  Then I have to restart from the start only to work on my strategy in the last area.  Then I get him again on top of the barn...  the Rhino is not my friend


                I only reached hive 13 once

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                    Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                    When I first started trying 5 relic solo runs, he wasn't my friend either lol.

                    Til I figured this strategy, now he's "relatively easy" but still, it is a rhino...


                    Again, Vulture. best thing I do is save cash until he spawns, pop out a fully upgraded vulture, then run backwards shooting him till you get to the barn, and keep climbing ladders and then jumping down when he gets up there, just make sure the vulture can always see him. Doing this helps me because he doesn't attack you if he is climbing/jumping down himself and the vulture is helping you shoot him while doing so. Basically always keep moving and learn to dodge him when he charges you.


                    Another thing, I usually just outrun him until the hive is finished, then defeat him. Last thing you want is the drill being destroyed when you're focused on a Rhino. I like to wait in a spot that when he charges, he ends up going really far away, like way out by the barn or down the road you come from the city area from, then quickly go back to the drill to keep it alive. Keeping him away gives you 15-30 second windows to repair, restock, heal, whatever.


                    Iv'e only escaped 40 times but that's because I spend most of my time in solo trying to figure this solo method out.

                    But I'm currently lvl 26 10th prestige


                    You on PS3 or PS4? If so, add me, PSN: Brexican

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                        Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                        I am on PS3, thanks for the tips, I'll definitely try the vulture again as it seems that it could be the trick to get the Rhinos when running 5 relics.  I originally gave up on the vulture because I had it running non-stop or tried to do so and was always running out of money.


                        I usually do good with the sentries and can keep them up by having them protecting each other.  They are just not very helpful for the rhinos

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                      Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                      Thanks for making me reconsider the Vulture.  It's a totally different game compared with using sentries.

                      I find it harder in the first two areas and never had much success with it before so I decided to try it using only two relics, Mortal and pistols only.  I escaped; nothing amazing but I am happy with my score of 216,318


                      I needed a few games to adapt my play style but once I got to the Cabin area...  WOW!  what a difference the vulture makes.

                      I can hardly wait till the weekend to try Solo five relic runs.

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                        Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                        I'm still trying for 5 solo too. You know this already but I always try to save a flare or two for the final hive and have a trophy or two. Timing and money management is everything. The game can change in an instant.


                        But I'm trying a new strategy as devised by the guy who's number 1 atm on solo PS4. He uses the gun turret in place of dual pistols. Very effective but requires a different kind of approach.

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                            Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                            What do you mean by gun turret? Like sentries?

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                                Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                                Sorry I meant the Portable Minigun Turret under Equalizer. Basically this will be your main weapon and should max this out early. No need to put points into your pistol (+1 for speed perhaps) or ammo at all.


                                Together with your sentries this is a powerful combination. The major downside to using the minigun turret is that you are fixed into one position whilst you shoot but careful placement to cover all angles negates this.


                                Granted if you haven't played with the minigun turret you will find it very strange but it does take down Hunters and Scorpions with ease.

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                              Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                              Has anyone on this forum completed POC with 5 relics?

                              Please let us know how you managed this.  I've been trying like crazy for a week.  Best I could complete was with 3 relics.

                              I can't do it if I add take more damage and earn and carry less cash.



                              The second barrier hive is actually one of the most challenging spots to clear.

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                                Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                                Still trying for 5.


                                I found the 2nd barrier not too difficult though. Place two sentries between the two electric walls facing away from the hive but have one facing more to the right to cover scorpions that jump up onto the truck. Now just stay around the hive area and stay alert.


                                Majority of aliens will go for the sentries then get electrocuted but for hunters that target you, run through the gap between the walls and, again, they will be fried. Pull your sentries back if a meteor lands in front on them else they'll most probably break.

                                This method seems to work for me as the electric does most of the killing and keeps bullet usage to a minimum. But if you are going for an uber high score this may not work as well due to you taking electric damage yourself.

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                                    Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                                    In my experience, the first two areas are easy using the sentries and quite challenging using the vulture but then the last area is extremely difficult using sentries.

                                    I find the cabin area easier with the vulture; we make enough money to keep the vulture up constantly and the vulture handles the rhino for us.


                                    This 5 relic solo run is so freaking frustrating and I feel that we merit much higher scores than what we are given.  Solo without relics is more difficult than 5 relic Co-op; we should get a higher score.

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                                    Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                                    You're silly for using feral vs. something that will actually help you.  Use armor man!!  There's no other option other than armor.  If you made it that far, using armor will get you the escape.  It's a great saver when you're close to death and throw it down.  The vulture you're using vs. sentries is a good idea too.  A bit more expensive, and it doesn't last long, but you can get a ton of quick kills with it and keep your money up.


                                    Good luck!

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                                      Re: POC Solo escape 5 relics

                                      piatol doesnt matter its your own preference, i played both magnum and auto, i now find auto much more helpful, explosive ammo, armor, sentries, gun turret. you wana max out sentries asap so you have two, place them in front of drill facing each other and drill, most important. next max out turret, in later rounds where u have scorps and rhinos, what h need to do is place sentries facing you so theyre watching ur back u take care of drill and everyghing at front, dont waste bullets and make sure you buy thjngs when u can , one mistake your sentries r gone and ure dead. next do armor +3 , pistol and ammo simulatenously, to +3, after that max armor, at last hive make sure two sentries are facinv scorpion hill, while youre watching whole pit. u dont need soflan or flare, asap u see rhino spawing unload on him, hell go down within seconds , after that keep shooting keep replacing broken sentries and you should be fine. escape make sure u keep throwing armor whenever u have chance and when ur close to die. gluck hope you will finish your 5 relic solo runs guys. perserverence my friends i died countless of times in middle of last hive. never give up

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