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    Is this the BEST class in the game?

      Gun: Honey Badger w/ grip and extended mags (or tracker sight depending on which map).

      Secondary: ---


      Equipment: IED

      Tactical: ---


      Perks: Ready up, Quickdraw, Amplify, Dead silence and 2x equipment.


      Killstreaks: IMS (Dogs are inconsistent for me tbh), Sentry, Loki


      I think this is the most OP class and I average a 2 K/D with it. What do you think?

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          Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

          There is no best classe. Because people have different play styles. People play different game modes.

          People only want to use a certain weapon type etc etc

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            Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?



            On larger maps the Honey Badger will get destroyed by LMG's, Marksmans, Snipers and the Ranged Assault Rifles like the Remington R5.


            Sitrep nullifies your I.E.D, I.M.S and partially your Sentry Gun.


            Quickdraw and Ready Up are both made redundant simply by an opponent pre-ADSing corners which basically means 4 points down the drain at a lot of times.

            Amplify and Dead Silence are the only reliable duo in your setup.

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              Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

              I'd agree that the Honey Badger is probably the most consistently reliable weapon in the game but, looking at your setup, I would say that you should really be looking at a Specialist loadout rather than Assault.  I also think you should lose the IEDs and forget the Extra Lethal.  The class you propose is certainly 'dirty' (with the exception of the Loki), but Perks are what can make a loadout truly OP.

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                  Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

                  I don't like specialist cos I enjoy using the Loki.


                  I need the extra IED cos I mainly play Free for All


                  I don't really find any of the other perks that useful. Stalker is alright in treyarch games because you don't die straight away but I find it average on IW games.

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                  Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

                  I know *what* you mean, I made a very similar thread in the xbox360 forum.


                  I don't think a "best" class is going to have the honey badger in it, honestly.  I think either the Mtar or the Remington (or Ak12 even after patch) are going to be the highest consistent tier of weapons.  I think the m27 is a great gun, but it's hard to use that for EVERYTHING lol.


                  Also yes, I echo what Carvalho said about quickdraw and ready up, those are actually much more easily countered than I ever realized.  I would say if you are a fan of aiming performance boosters, getting used to stalker and how it hinders precise aiming (using the movement stick to help with precise aiming) is going to always trump the person who sprints stops and aims then shoots around a corner.  Of course, you have to finish the job and execute the kill (sounds so official).


                  Also, ehhh depending on the gametype I'm not the greatest fan of amplify anymore as an Auto Include. Sure, SND SNR yea, domination I don't know if it's on my "auto include" list, but obviously synergizes with Dead Silence and makes it worthy for sure.  Dead Silence is clearly essential in current top top tier because the recent patch has created the max influx of users again. 


                  For domination, I actually now have Blast shield as an auto include, because now even more than ever does it function like Flak Jacket from BLOPS1, except when you go against danger close, which is double the points and fair to kill you 1 shot.   You can easily survive 4 grenade/ied blasts per life with blast shield, it serves it's purpose no doubt.


                  Also, likewise, double IED is certainly a good option, and actually Blast Shield helps with IMS blasts behind your back and IEDs so theres synergy there for sure. 


                  But, I will say, I saw a person for real lay down when they heard an IED, on that stairway up to the broken corner of the C building on Octane and I was in the corner of the bottom stairwell because I knew they were coming based on a spawn switch, and he killed me and a dog before I, my IED, or my dog could kill the guy (an xbox1 'record that' moment lol).  IEDs are not "foolproof" anymore. 


                  Not sure what the best class is, it's gametype dependant and map dependant (which is great), but MY current "desert island" class would be:


                  Remington - muzzle brake/grip/silencer and Red Dot/Tracker

                  Stalker, Amplify, Dead Silence, and 2 of these: fully loaded/scavenger/hardline/blast shield/sit rep


                  Killstreaks - Dog, Sentry Gun, Attack Helicopter/Gryphon


                  I pick Dog over IMS because you will be mobile.  Sentry Gun because it can amass far more kills than trinity rocket and has less "exposure" time than a trinity rocket anyways, and it is a great bridge to the 9-11 KS perks on it's own.  Also, with this current class you probably won't be doing too much camping anyways, so them going for your Sentry gun may be a fine diversion anyway.  If you are avoiding exposure time, the regular helicopter gets alot of kills nowadays since people call it "meh" and don't use blind eye as often now, and have too much pride to back out of a match with a boring Heli in it, versus a Helo pilot or something like that.  Usually on those killstreaks, when you get to your Sentry, you will reach that third KS.


                  I find the gryphon better than the Helo Pilot in this game because it has much better controls, and doesn't get "nerfed" by maps that are enclosed as much like sovereign, strikezone, etc.  It's certainly more fragile however, don't get me wrong.  I'll take the Helo on Stonehaven anyday too.


                  Loki would probably not be on a "best" class because of how hit or miss it is to really get those on a consistent basis.  dog/ims/sentry and then gryphon and helo pilot probably will amass "most kills" WHEN you get them, but on a per game basis, it might be better to use the slightly scaled down killstreaks to be able to reach them. 


                  Again, I'm not an expert, I'm just proposing my thoughts on the subject, I would love to hear how and why I'm wrong because that means I'll know more from there on out building classes in the future, lol.

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                    Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

                    Best for you, perhaps not for others.


                    The HB is quickly showing itself to be the easiest gun to use, so I think some are mistaking it for being OP.

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                      Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

                      Didn't know that anyone used the Loki.  You will get a lot more kills with helo.  And stop camping so much.  lol  jk

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                        Re: Is this the BEST class in the game?

                        Domination Setup -


                        R5 - Silencer + Extended Mags

                        No leathal or Tac


                        Perks - Ready Up, Quickdraw, Stalker, Focus, Scavenger


                        Assault - Battle Hind, Gryphon, Helo Pilot


                        This is for high kils and low chance of any gun beating me in a gun battle.

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