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    Can I vent?

         I just got an Xbone a couple weeks ago. As I expected, the game plays a billion times better on Xbox than it does on PS4 (anyone who has both can agree). But as I started to enjoy the silky smooth gameplay, the ugly side of the game started to show more than it has in the last month or so.

         Quickscoping is terribly OP. I'm sorry if you disagree, but it is. I think maybe 75% of the people on the forums would agree. 20% would say it isn't. And the other 5% would say that I can stop playing the game and I just suck. But come on, be honest here.. Do you really think it's fair to use the scope aim assist to get a one hit kill from across the map... Without aiming down sights? It was supposed to be removed on launch.. But I guess IW got scared of the 10 year olds that made death threats to Vonderhaar for "nerfing" snipers in BO2.

         The hit detection is perfect for me now, and the game rarely lags. Which brings out how the health really works. I never thought the health was too low, or that it was unfair. But now that I have a game that actually works.. And the health is just way too low. In the MW series, you generally had low health with grenades and explosives doing high damage. Now, falling off the smallest ledge can instantly kill you.

         Maps are terrible. It's not the size of the maps that's the problem. It's the layout. I understand changing up the 3-lane layout.. But was this the next best thing? To make every map like Aftermath and Downturn?

         This isn't really anything to do with the actual game (well maybe..) than it does my atrocious luck. I've been playing Clan vs Clan. I figured, 4v4 on small(ish) maps, with all the BS taken out of the game, with everybody playing the objective. Well apparently I figured wrong. Every. Single. Game I've played since yesterday night has been terrible. I literally just got put on a team with 3 other kids who were definitely under the age of 12. And it's funny, because the enemy team is ALWAYS filled with MLG pros. Again, this may not have anything to do with the actual game (maybe some really bad matchmaking algorithm?). This might just be my realllyyyyyyyy bad luck. But it's still frustrating and it's something I wanted to say.

         I really wanted to like this game. I still do kinda-sorta like it. But it's really boring. And it's really frustrating to always be put on teams with kids under the age of 12. Like I said before, the game runs perfectly. Rarely any lag, awesome hit detection. No frame rate drops. But the ugly parts of the game have really shown themselves, and it makes me not want to play the game.

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          I am going to say the same thing that I say to everyone who complains about sniping. If it is so easy, please feel free to give it a try and let me know how you do. Not just one game or two but take a sniper rifle to gold and come back on here and tell me how easy it was. I actually bothered to the same. I took remington, the honey badger, the ak, and sc-2010 to gold and I can tell you they are melt cannons. They outclass snipers all day long. I took every sniper rifle to gold and never did better than a 1.30 K/D. With the Remington I had a 1.87. There is no comparison. Look you can try and make up a thousand excuses why you think sniping is OP but it isn't. The truth is people just hate the hell out of getting sniped. It's humiliating and sets peoples bums to hurting.

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              I recently decided to give sniping a try, as you have prolly guessed I sucked. Do you have any class/game play tips for sniping n00b?

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                  1. Best sniper rifle in the game right now in my opinion is the Maverick A2 because of the the free tracker scope and large 1 shot kill area with the chrome lined barrel, But you want to choose between the Maverick A2, L115, Lynx & USR. The VKS deals the least amount damage per shot and has the smallest 1 shot kill radius.
                  2. Put your sensitivity on the max setting. This will help you aim around the screen much faster when hard scoped.
                  3. Equip the chrome lined barrel for a large 1 shot kill area
                  4. Practice. Load up a private squads match set the difficulty to recruit and start sniping. When you can get 20+ kills with out a death and in 1 or 2 shots each maximum, you should be ready for multiplayer.
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                  Grats on your google fiber connection...

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                    That's funny, because every single time I've used a sniper (it isn't often.. I've maybe played 3 or 4 games with the USR), I've gone double positive using no lethals, tacticals, or secondary. One game I even went 20-0. I don't have enough time or patience to get any gun gold in this game, so you'd never see me with one. Sniping is not hard when you just abuse aim assist. I don't hate it when people snipe from the guard tower on Prison Break. I don't hate it when people snipe from the high points and buildings in Overlord. I do have a problem with people abusing the aim assist. That's what's "humiliating." I shouldn't be killed at close range with a sniper because aim assist kicked in and did 90% of the work. Sometimes, sh%t happens. Maybe the flinch from my bullets caused your shot that would've hit my toe to hit my head instead, causing a one hit kill. That's understandable. But I'm rambling now.. Point is, there's no skill in mainly using aim assist.

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                    well one thing yes there are a lot of good quickscopers out there i rarely run into them and also they dont bother me really i got my gun i can shoot tooo... plus if you havent noticed there isnt any aim assist on the Xbox one version at the beginning i did feel like the health was too low but i have gotten used to it i cant tell no more.... maps i agree are a cluster of openings which is ok for me i run and gun and plus if you know where the least places theres entrances and routes to flank thats where you know campers like to hide but also i dont care about campers why because i can easily get them out from where they are so i dont care campers can camp if thats how they have fun so be it everyone plays there own way ..... they only real problem or what does bug me is the may people using riot shields and tossing C4 in SnD or SnR yes there is a counter its blast shield but blast shield wont work if they are using danger close also if they toss 2 C4's at you but yes if learn to live with it who care enjoy playing if you die alot just dont get angry and yell i have noticed when people get aggravated it messes with how the play and you just play worse and worse because ur not blaming the real person YOU hey he shot faster or he knew where i was or stupid camper etc etc 80% of that time is prob was ur fault not the game not someone else YOU but yes when you get bad lag and when the game had a lot of hacks then yes get angry and blame people and the game 

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                        i have to disagree with the he shot faster part of your comment theres be many times where like han solo iv shot first only to have the other player drop me like a sack of s**t and i know my shots have been on target but when i watch the kill cam im just stood there smelling the rose's

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                        So this post is you saying " I'm getting beat so I'm mad, please make it easier for me."



                        Also on a side note I don't know what your setup is (tv/monitor ect.) But the ps4 blows the Xbox one version out of the water (in my opinion). They both look better than current gen (obviously). But ps4 looks better, its smoother running. And for me at least there is MUCH less lag. To each there own and I'm not trying to say you are wrong, we just see things very differently.



                        Oh ya, health is the same as its always been. You are getting better hit detection, that's it.

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                            The plain and simple truth is that quickscoping requires a decent amount more skill than shooting at your opponent with an AR. Go head give it a try. See if you feel like it is OP after that. Besides if you happen to get good at it your AR game play will improve for the simple face that quickscoping forces you to be accurate. 9 times out of 10 if the quickscoper misses his first shot then he is going to die if it is a face to face battle. I don't quickscope at all and I don't think it needs nerfed because I've tried it. It just made me have more respect for the guys who can do it well.

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                                It does take a certain amount of skill, I will admit that. But a for the most part, "quick"scoping is mainly abusing the aim assist. I went into a game yesterday, and two guys were using the maverick with an acog. And what were they doing? Spamming the LT to get the aim assist, and pulling RT when they felt they locked on. They one hit killed me every time. They also managed to go almost double positive, getting over 15 kills each. That takes absolutely no skill. Of course, you can spam the aim button with any gun to get the aim assist. But the fact that it's a one hit kill to almost every body part at any range is what makes it cheap.

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                                I've learned there's no use trying to argue with you, because you're always right apparently.

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                                Quick scoping without aim assist is hard and I welcome anyone that can truely do it. It is like a medium range shot gun.

                                But With aim assist it is too easy and it should have been nerfed. You should not have shotgun power across the entire map with the computer actually helping you to do it. Hard scope like a REAL SNIPER does in the REAL WORLD.


                                As for the age thing, I actually like the idea of different lobbies for ages or at least different personalities and choice of word use......

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                                       YES. That's what people don't understand, that it's the aim assist doing 90% of the work. Sure, you have to be accurate. There is a tiny bit of skill involved with picking your shots and lining them up, sometimes having to lead the shot. But aim assist does most of the work. Sniping should've been left the way it was at launch, with the normal ADS time, normal fire rate, reload, etc. The crosshairs and aim assist for hip fire was taken away... Why not take it away for the ADS?

                                       And I don't mind playing with younger people, children even. I think it's cool interacting with the younger kids and maybe teaching them something they maybe didn't know before. My point was, why would you go into a playlist that says "Clan vs Clan OBJECTIVE.." It even has 'ESPORTS' on the game mode description. So if you know people are going to be wanting to play the obj, why would you go in there just to mess around? Like I said, it could be horrible match making, but it's most likely just my terrible luck.

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                                    I do the next best thing, I use the MR and play hardcore. But I feel with the reduced health I'm on level playing field with others .

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                                      Sniping is for losers...there should be a sniping lobby for the goofs who get off on it and sniper free lobbies for people who actually want to play a strategic game...

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                                          yeah...umm..True sniping by its very nature is strategic so maybe you are talking about quickscoping. Cant think of anything else that you would consider 'strategic' .If studying the map and knowing the choke points and waiting for your prey so you can 'one shot one kill them' isnt strategic I dont know what is. It sounds like the only type of lobby you want is one where everyone is running around and whoever gets the first shot off when they run into each other wins. So in that lobby QS would actually be the smart choice so even there your argument doesnt work. Hell, I have no clue what you are thinking..

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                                          Quickscoping does suck but I don't really care if they take it out or not because I really don't ever get killed by it.

                                          The maps are great. Nice blend of small medium and large. Definitely one of the better map sets released with a COD game.


                                          If you don't like the game and find it boring then why don't you wait a month and just get Titanfall. It looks BA.

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                                            Health isn't low. Health is exactly the same as its ever been in every CoD: 100.


                                            Most of the guns in this game have a TTK comparable to BO1's Famas. Make of that what you will, and if you dont believe me go and look up the Denkirson statistics.