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    Impossible stats!!?!!


      I'm not sure if this has been raised before as I am relatively new to the forum and none of the threads I have read so far have suggested this has been identified or highlighted.

      I was between matches and decided to check my current status on the leaderboards, I've been playing (a lot) since the release date and doing quite well, despite being victim to the acute lag and seemingly impervious players. I noticed that I could see how I stack in the world by changing the filter to 'All', I saw that those around me appear relatively normal and in keeping with my prestige level, I pressed the square button to go to the top and see who's top dog, low and behold a list of obvious cheats, ludicrous statistics with impossible ratios. Especially on the Kill's leaderboard, one person with over 23 and a half million streak, others appear to arrived in the top ten by only killing a handful of people. This is odd, why don't those who regulate and oversee the game look at these leaderboards and see who's been cheating, the players name is there. I know some could be legitimate scores/achievements but on a cursory look it's plain to see which are the cheats/hackers. They could use this to at least begin their investigations.

      I'm like most players and don't like being dropped into a game where the opposition is winning 240+ to zero, or when placed into a lobby that has several members which upon checking their stats they have reached prestige 10 with only a handful of matches. I leave these games very quickly, regrettably I should have reported these instances, but I've bailed before I was dragged into the match. I overheard one kid asking someone with the blank box where their prestige icon should be if they could hack their game for them, I didn't hang around for long as the match was about to begin and didn't fancy facing impossible odds. So I have no idea whether they were granted their request. I guess many can't be bothered the long haul of leveling up and unlocking each stage over a period of time. For me that's the fun of it, and I wouldn't want to rob myself of the challenge.

      Next time you're playing have a look at the leaderboards in the barracks it's quite surprising. At least maybe you can avoid the impossible matches by identifying some of these people. 

      Does anyone know if this is something which has been highlighted in the past and if so what was said? By the evidence I've seen not much has been done??

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          Reporting in this game does nothing. I as well have ran into cheaters, and unreal stats. The game is horrible, ive seen some of the same cheats i see in black ops 1. Invisible and god mode BS! i report and so does my whole team. They need to make it so that when so many report one person in a game they get kicked. its dumb an annoying.

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              Mrcrispybacon wrote:


              They need to make it so that when so many report one person in a game they get kicked. its dumb an annoying.

              And how many times do you think you would be kicked? I have players constantly telling me that I cheat and that they'll report me. So much so, that if your plan was instituted, I would probably be blocked.

              Mrcrispybacon wrote:


              Reporting in this game does nothing. I as well have ran into cheaters, and unreal stats.

              Perhaps if you had done a little research instead of coming in here acting like you know that reporting in this game does nothing, you would know on Monday night, a huge ban wave happened that nailed a lot of players. In fact, a few players came on the boards whining already and it is just as bad on Twitter. So now you can't say reporting in game does nothing unless you want to be wrong.

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              I dont understand y the leader boards don't get cleaned up and the players banned.  Maybe they ban the players and don't fix leader boards.  Not sure y cause it seems like a simple thing to do

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                Lots of truth is the OP. The leaderboards have been messed up at the top for every COD that I can remember playing.

                You're the right thing though. Just keep leaving the games that you encounter these situations. It will minimize the chances of playing in an unfair or otherwise detrimental lobby. I'm like you though; I see someone with obviously hacked stats and I burn rubber out of that lobby.

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                  I don't understand what's so difficult for IW or Activision as to why they can't reset these cheaters stats? The top of the leaderboards is so obvious they cheated...what's the roadblock in fixing it?!