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        80. Re: why not capture (domination)

        just to many spawn camping jacka$$es that think its cool to play a game mode like this and take advantage of people trying to play correctly. to many pieces of crap ruining the game for those that want to play it right. and these idiots think it's "cool" to do this crap. 

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          81. Re: why not capture (domination)

          Oh my goodness that was funny!

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            82. Re: why not capture (domination)

            There is no incentive for players to play the objective, since you don't get rewarded for capping a flag or collecting a tag. I say make it like it was in Blops 2. Reward players for playing the objective. There is no reason why I collect 26 tags and nobody on the rest of my team even had 10.


            I used to love DOM, but I don't play it much anymore, unless it's w friends. I die trying to cap flags, while my teammates just hide and wait for kills. I don't get the devs sometimes.

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              83. Re: why not capture (domination)

              you can blame the devs for allot of things but this is not one of them.


              It's  the people that play the game who want everything and don't want to work for it, these are the same people who spam noob tubes in HC, use head glitches etc etc because it's easy.


              They are also the ones that back out as soon as things don't go their way

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                84. Re: why not capture (domination)

                I don't usually disagree with you rlbl, and I realize you are playing devil's advocate, so I'll take the opposing view.


                Yes, he paid good money to play the game, but so did everybody else.  He is no more entitled than anyone else who plays.


                What he is doing is breaking the gentleman's code of sportsmanship.  The devs have set up four modes that are Deathmatches.  These modes are where he should be playing if he was legit.  The Objective modes are not the forum for the playstyle he is so obviously proud of.


                What really irks me, is that the poster has a smug attitude like he is somehow clever and thought up this exploit along with his friends.  We all know that isn't true, people have been doing this same thing forever.  The second thing that bothers me, and I can't believe nobody has pointed it out yet, is the reason he gives to why he is playing this way.  He stated that spawns are easier and he knows where everybody will be.


                Does this not imply that he is a spawn killer?


                It's unsporting and dishonorable no matter how one tries to rationalize it.  There is a social contract that one accepts when dealing with society, be it the COD society or society in general.



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                  85. Re: why not capture (domination)

                  You can absolutely blame the devs for removing the incentive to play the objective.

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                    86. Re: why not capture (domination)

                    IW didn't 'remove' anything. Treyarch added the incentive to play the objective, not IW.

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                      87. Re: why not capture (domination)

                      nothing perfect and that went too far in the other direction. I think in one game of dom in blops2 I had a swarm after about 7 kills.


                      I think you should reward playing the objective but not with a streak

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                        88. Re: why not capture (domination)

                        Thats why play FFA!

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                          89. Re: why not capture (domination)

                          I could see this happening if you capped A, B defended and a UAV/Counter UAV or a VSAT in there.

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