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    O-!-< Acid Army (PS4) Australia,5 Time clan war winners, level 22 >-!-O

      acid army cover.jpg

      We are Acid Army.

      We are a mature only clan that plays the latest C.O.D series and now Ghosts.

      We are looking for mature and Australian players only. We mainly play HCTDM modes, but chop and change.

      IF you think this May be the clan for you then add me,   bardygrub  send me a message on our facebook page and let me know you are keen. Join us for a game or two and we will go from there.



      Facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/acidarmy

      Clan type (Competitive/Social/Mixed): Mixed

      Clan tag: ACID

      Clan name: Acid Army

      About us; We are just a bunch of gamers who mainly  play after 7 o'clock most evenings. We mainly play to unwind at the end of the day. We don't like raging and try to keep the sh*% talk to the minimum. We mainly play  HC tdm

      We are Sniper freindly but not limited to.

      acid army cover.jpg