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    Looking for an active Xbox 1 Clan

      I'm looking for an active Xbox ONE clan that plays daily, mature and is a high level and competes well in clan wars..I'm willing to put in the time for clan wars and play daily with the members. Yes, I have a positive KD and have a mic. Also please be Platinum/Diamond division. If your recruiting please send me a message on Xbox Live. -Thanks


      Gamertag: TooKool iT

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          Re: Looking for an active Xbox 1 Clan

          Invite sent

          [xbox 1] TwoKnucklesDeep Clan Lvl 17 Diamond Division.  We play every night between 6:00-11:00 pm.  Central Time.  We accepted our Diamond invite and we will be very active.  Everyone wants the cool swag!  I think you would be a good match with our clan.

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            Re: Looking for an active Xbox 1 Clan

            Clan Name: We're Our Only Enemy

            Clan Nickname: W2OE Gaming

            Clan Tag: W2OE

            Clan Website: http://www.w2oe.com

            Clan Level: 24







            W2OE Gaming was formed in 2011 by W2OE_Prodigy. We are an active and dedicated clan on the PS4, Xbox One, and the community forums. Throughout the past three years we have played various games as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts, both competitively and publicly. We strive to work together as a community to be competitive in current as well as future games.




            Our website and forum is a big part of our clan as a community. We use our forum to communicate with the rest of the clan. This helps get to know each other, organize tournaments and events between clan members and other clans, discuss all of the different games and just to have a general chat about anything. As the forum and website is a big part of our clan to stay together we are needing all of our clan members and new recruits to make sure that they can access our website and forum to stay in contact.



            How to apply


            Go to our website at http://www.w2oe.com and register with you PSN/XBL gamertag so people can add you easier. Once registered you can either use the link you are given in a private message or you can click the big "Applications" tab at the top of our website. Once you have submitted your application, a member will soon notify you on what your next steps are. We look forward to seeing you!




            • Must be 18 years old or older.
            • Must have a mic.
            • Minimum of 1.5 KD.

            What we offer

            • YouTube videos
            • Monthly Prizes (PSN/XBL cards, Games, Headsets, Apparel, etc)
            • Twitter
            • Chatbox to communicate if you want to play
            • Competitive Teams (PS & Xbox)
            • Very friendly & mature members willing to go out of their way to help people.
            • Applications to join competitive teams


            PLEASE NOTE: If you say applications are lame and you shouldn't do them, then the clan you are looking for is not that great. We are looking for QUALITY over QUANTITY. So come join us if you're looking for a QUALITY clan.

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              Re: Looking for an active Xbox 1 Clan

              Active look no further than lethal gaming check them out research them they are amazing won every clan war by a canter won 64 elite champions

              lethal gaming roster 1 level 25 fastest to do it.

              lethal gaming 1 now looking for members.

              get in quick mate

              search them via app lethal gaming 1

              look at there website

              look at there twitter

              Lethal Gaming™ (LethalGaming_) on Twitter


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