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    stonehaven optimization

      im getting horrible stuttering on this map. average gpu (gtx780) usage on this map is around 40-50% then in the certain areas it goes up to 99% and stutters as hell. has anyone else got the same problem?

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          Re: stonehaven optimization

          Try lowering your settings. My problem is on Octane where I'll often hit 40~50 FPS drops and I'm using pathetically low settings on an i7-3930K with SLI GTX 770's rig; my settings - http://i.imgur.com/SdCHK2F.jpg The vRAM could be playing a role, my GPU's only have 2GB (optional 4GB oopsy) and the GTX 780's 3GB vRAM. I'm assuming you're running a gun with a dual rendering scope and after the past couple of 'updates' I'm often enough getting FPS drops on a few maps. I have noticed that my details have increased without changing my settings...


          I do recall a some frame drops around the crash site on Stonehaven, but Octane for me and without a 'scope' (reflex/red dot) is the most annoying.


          Regardless the last couple of 'patches' weren't a step forward, and about the only 'good' thing was access to my BO2 MP background ... yippee.

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            Re: stonehaven optimization

            as per nvidia geforce experience this game is 'optimized' and still this is the 'performance' I get http://youtu.be/kpImAPMZ1WQ

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