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      why dont they put a check point in extinction i hate having to start from d starting point after dying

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          if they did that it would take all the fun out of playing it imo.

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            The whole challenge behind the game mode is to complete the entire mission. Checkpoints would encourage careless and selfish gameplay among many players, as there would be little consequences for playing this way. (IMO)

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                i guess it just kinda sucks for me that you lose everything im the type of person that loves to win and i hate to lose but i see what yall saying they should atleast let you keep your upgrades that you used your squad point for

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                I can sympathize but only in Solo play.

                But has it has already been pointed out; al last save point option allowing us to restart from that last location would take away from a lot of the challenge thus would take the fun away from the game.


                It is very frustrating to restart when you're trying to learn how to pass hive 13 running 5 relics for example but then this is why we can feel proud of the accomplishment once it is done.  I'm hoping for this weekend

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                    I did the same thing last night. 5 relics solo, made it to the final hive but couldn't fight off everything thrown at me.

                    Lost all 3 revives there too. I was super confident I could do it with all those revives but they tore me down, only to get up and lose another, then the last, then died. I need to find a new strategy for that hive...

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                    Yeah.. so that's kinda the point.. it's a bit like saying "why don't the just take the enemies out of the campaign?" hehe


                    I think a pause option when playing on solo is really needed though, especially when these games can last quite a long time.

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                      Hey Bean if your on xbox360 hmu ill go on some runs with ya! GT- OFC Pugnax