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    Looking For A Clan (360)

      Age: 16

      Name: Steve

      Gamertag: noV Solaris

      Location: United States

      Prestige: 3 (Don't care much for it)

      KD: 1.117 (Commonly go above 2.0 nowadays, had a rough start readjusting)


      I'm looking for a clan that is both casual and competitive. I'm looking for a clan with chill members, but one that has a good ranking structure and a website. As far as other stats go, my preferred weapons are the MTAR-X, the Remington R-5, and the USR/L115. I ocassionally whip out a Vector. I can do sniping, casual, or competitive play exceptionally well.


      I would prefer a clan with members that are 13+ (not a big fan of squeakers).