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    Onslaught Maps Not Working


      I bought the onslaught maps the day they came out. They do not work/appear when playing multiplayer maps. The only way I've been able to play them was in the onslaught category itself. It does not work under standard play or hardcore mode. I was hoping this would resolve itself but it has been way too long. Can anyone help?

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          mybe there is not enough players with the new maps in the play list I am not sure I cant find any games in free for all either

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            I also can't get freefall!

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                Freefall was a preorder bonus-and to my understanding was the only way to get freefall  map. The issue I had with the onslaught pack was Fog- I could not get it to play a full game without the erroor 64 message. I resolved this by deleting the onslaught "add on" in the "my  games and aps" box pinned on your home screen. Hover over the Ghosts box, hit the menu button(=) on your controller- that will bring up  a gray box-find: "show all add-ons", highlight that box, find the onslaught add on, hit the menu button again, now you have the option to uninstall the addon. Uninstall , then shut console down, unplug the power pack cord from wall or pack itself for 10-30 seconds. Plug back in and download the map pack again. This fixed it for me- good luck, hope this helps!

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                G'day mate,

                       The Onslaught maps are only available in its' own moshpit section at the moment for multiplayer. Every time a new map pack comes out in Cod the maps are put into their own standalone section. This last a number of weeks, enough time for everyone who is planning on getting the map pack to download. Why is this : it is done to keep matchmaking as strong as possible. Once Onslaught is put into general rotation you will only be able to lobby up with gamers who also have the map pack.