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    Idea for weapon for second DLC.

        I'm not sure IW has they're weapons picked for DLC 2,3,4. A gun I would REALLY love to see come back would be the BAR, I know that would be out of the question as it's out dated. So why not the HCAR, the modern day variant of the bar. It can have have an integrated silencer (we need an LMG with a built in silencer it's  annoying having to use the +attachment perk) it looks amazing, it would probably be the most mobile. I'm sure if IW wanted to do the two in one weapon style they are doing  like with this DLC they could make it a marksmen rifle with some imagination. Take a look at this link and let me know what yout think. Then tell me what gun you would like to see and not something previously used by other COD titles.