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    lost last nights progress "Again!"

      I know I can't be the only one that this has happened too. You get done playing for the night, back out to the main menu of the game, and quit the game. You shut down your ps3. The next time you turn on your ps3, you find the progress you made the night before is gone! That has happened to me at least 3 times so far with this game. I know I will never get it back.


      It wouldn't be so bad, if I played MP. all the time! I don't I prefer Squads over MP. "really hard to have a hacking bot!" You can't unlock anything in squads, so I must play MP! "I want to be a bush wookie too!" Not to mention, you rank up 10x fast in MP than in squads.


      I have had problems from the COD line of games! Starting with MW3. I have been telling my self "give them one more chance" But with this last game, it is the last game. There was a time I loved Activison games "back in the 90's", but with what it is now. I must cut my loses.

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