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    Thank You for the Anti-Cheat!


      I am not a fan of VAC mainly because of the delay in banning people using cheats but I have to say thanks for listening to us!

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          things are looking good if this is true... we all have to play this weekend and report back what we experience. If there is good anti-cheat and I see results that's the only way that I would ever consider buying the DLC  ... never mind another game from these people. Frankly though I think its going to take a miracle.

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            Yeah VAC isnt working atm, or its terribly flawed. Was just on Stonehaven and there was a guy on top of the castle. Yes, on top.


            Also a guy way out in the ocean laying down in the air, quick scoping people as soon as they come into sight. (His kill came was about 1 second total to scope in, shoot, scope out everytime.)



            EDIT: Lol just ran into another cheater scaling walls with slight rubberband on Stormfront. He eventually made his way up to the top of the crane, which is out of map limits. GG.

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              Amen I agree they have forgotten about the PC version. Wonder how they think they are going to keep customers treating us like this !

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                so, is the FOV changer now a bannable offense? ._.'

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                  Yes thank you for nothing. There are still fools using an aimbot and trying to claim they are the real deal. These cheaters are so stupid!


                  To all the cheaters out there.

                  FYI anyone with 1/2 a brain can see your lame cheat snap to our location through the wall. Just because you aren't firing on us simultaneously as you spot us through the wall doesn't make your lame aim-cheat so much harder to detect. Just give it up already.

                  And who is it you are buying these cheats from? Is it a legit company? Is the owner a criminal? do they support terrorists or have any ties to terrorist groups? Meh.. what do you know or care? You get to be great at a video game as all your money possibly goes to people building bombs and causing terror. But as long as you get to run around and tell people (you suck) (your not as good as you think you are) it's all good. Who cares who this guy is with your credit info and your money that supplies you with a lowly cheat to be better than others. (losers)

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                    Yep thanks for VAC.... Its now ok to buy the DLC. They did exactly the same in MW3.


                    Don't be fooled into buying the DLC, if they really cared they'd give the 1st dlc for free, if that happened I might think they actually cared.

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                      Surprised they have not removed this, they Normally do

                      Well they supposedly tweeted that they had banned 3000 hackers, then it was 1000

                      But there were three bad blatant Hackers that are still here and have been for ages

                      So How do they do it

                      Well First Buy a Hack and there are loads advertised (As Activistion has NOT sent them cease and desist orders )

                      when they have the Hack they then use a VPN service that Gives them a Separate IP Address starting with 2.

                      This means that they can not be traced to there ISP

                      Then they make a Boguse Steam Account and buy the Game when its on Special offer

                      Then there away and they will then see how long it takes to be spotted.

                      Now if they had any software that ran and detected High packets of signal the hackers would be Kicked

                      They no How to Fix this a separate Kick and Ban tool like they used on MW2 and MW3 here as a Host you could Ban the hacker so at least he could not Join again then pass the detail on to IW who then looked to see if they had been reported by others, using there Ip address Dead easy. If they did they were then VAC Banned

                      So what proof Have we anything is getting done ???

                      Only there word and clearly that is wrong !!!

                      Basically its the same as BO2 the Game will be hacked to death, they will hope people will buy the DLC's

                      Well Trearc paid for that by loosing there Franchise to Sledgehammer (Owned by Activision)

                      So could IW be going the same way ??

                      The only Glimmer is This effects Xbox one and PS4 Activision have contracts with Both Sony and Microsoft Lets hope they shout Loud so they wake up and fix this then they might sell the DLC's

                      Activistion seem to think by Buying the DLC Maps will stop Hackers !!!!!!

                      Realy is that the Fix ????

                      So instead of chasing the Hackers and the Hacking companies which people think are IW developers

                      There going for people using the FOV so they can see the Game

                      Easy copy the script that is in the XBOX ONE GAME for there FOV and put it in the PC version, Then people would not need a third party FOV

                      So Honest people get branded as cheaters nice

                      So the Answers here are

                      FOV in the Game

                      Ban the Hackers and post a List of there names

                      Sort out the Game Lag

                      Then People will Buy the DLC's and the Game 

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                        I repeat when some one reports a Hacker at the end of the Game they have turned the Hacks of

                        Getting a Vac ban means you are Banned from a Game

                        When MW3 was Hacked My clan took part in live test, Part of this was with Fov running and the MWSA3 Kick tool

                        This showed elevated Packets of Data eventually they could tell if a FOV was running

                        Now like i said after some one is reported it looks for elevated signals

                        The Hack companies also no this  hence they made it to be turned on and off


                        I agree Good and Legit players should not be banned, But if there letting VPN's being used hiding Hackers and not taking action against these companies selling these and Youtube channels promoting how to hack then why do we Bother playing any Activision Game

                        If a player receives a large amount of reports then they need investigating 

                        On MW3 they did this with Video Valts of the Game

                        The Main issue on this is there is So Much Lag its had to tell if a Legit player is hacking or Not

                        Were then Told that 1000 plus hackers have been banned yet on the PC the Main Hackers and the ones the there little Group that is on there are left untouched

                        Thanfully consoles are getting this, They have not Listened to PC users then they might Listen to Them

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                          This is why not having server host and hosting tools is stupid as hell.

                          Fix the Audio exploits and get rid of Dead Silence and Amplify, these two things are asking for hackers to pretend they are legit.


                          I have had this game for around 4 days and it has about convinced me to throw this franchise to the ground flip tables over it.

                          Titan fall is around the corner, i suggest you get your **** together as fast as you possibly can, when it releases and this **** is not fixed PRONTO (Not to mention the performance issues this game has on RELEASE NO LESS), this franchise is history.


                          Mark my words, i have been around playing games heavily for a very, VERY LONG Time.

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                              Amen to 'Sound Whoring' ... crap like 'yeah I knew you were there to the millisecond around that corner and across the flipping map' = BS! ...Oh never mind the Red Boxes and the Auto-Fire...


                              There are just as many hackers playing right now as day one, and the ones that left are simply bored to death of shooting the red boxes.