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        110. Re: The case against the word "camper" part II. Or Deux! :)

        I am a jack of all trades, I rush, I camp, I utilize everything that I can in order to win the game.

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          111. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

          It is your feelings that camping is not fun. but that does not make it fact or true for everyone else. Camping can be extremely fun when done in such a manner that the other team rages and quits because they cannot beat you since they foolishly run at you the same way every time. Not everyone thinks rushing/run-n-gun is fun; nor will they ever. So to say it is not fun is your personal view and not the truth for everyone else.

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            112. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

            The unwritten rule is their ego telling them this otherwise there is no rule anywhere that states this.

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              113. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

              I'm just gonna come out and say it: Anyone who genuinely rages about 'campers' is a complete and utter moron, no matter which way you look at it.


              If you rage about a camper because they owned you, you are f'ing terrible at the game. End of. I know my successful camping expeditions have been fuelled by morons of the highest order, as are most. Its not hard to use an explosive, OR SIMPLY AVOID THEM.


              If you rage about a camper even though you have no trouble killing them, you are a moron for thinking everyone should play one way and one way only.


              If you rage about a camper because they killed you ONCE, you really need to re-evaluate your outlook on a GAME.


              If you moan about people camping with a sniper, or a ranged weapon like an LMG I have no words for your stupidity.


              If you rage about people camping in an objective gametype then guess what? You are a moron. Defending an objective is a worthy pursuit. Also, people dont have to camp RIGHT NEXT to an objective, shutting down flanking routes and denying the enemy team ease of movement is also a worthwhile venture.


              I could go on, but y'all get the gist. Heres the thing, I vent pretty much every time I get killed. Sure if I'm shot from some dark corner or window I'll say something along the lines of 'Oh you camping f***' but I dont genuinely mean it. Its just to get the annoyance/frustration out of my system there and then. Never would I dream of coming onto the internet to rage about it. Can it slow a game down? Sure, but thats when the flanking knowledge and/or explosives come out. If you play into their hands, they aren't going to switch up their game just because you cry about it. And hell, maybe if they did you'd be in for a nasty shock. I know I've shattered a few misconceptions about myself when I've cracked out one of my running classes


              Judge not, lest ye get smacked down and put in thine place.

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                114. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                my fav game mode is kc, and it annoys me when i see like 20 blue tags sitting in the same area, and teammates crying oh they have a stupid camper why cant they play the game, my thoughts are why are you so stupid to keep going in the same spot getting killed.  its not the people who sit, its the people who bang their heads into them thinking something is going to change, like in my previous post there is no where in the game someone can sit and not be killed, in fact  od has been by far the hardest game to camp because of map design of any fps game, yet it has the most crying about, how about people man or woman up and actually beat someone, if you want the game to be easy then play a single player game, because those who complain about campers simply are unable or unwilling to actually out think and out play them

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                  115. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                  Howabout we try to define some ground by saying ;


                  "The opposite of a camper is not a run'n'gunner. The opposite of a camper is everyone but the a*hole sat in Gina's bakery with blast-shield on aimed at the door and various equipment scattered around." ?


                  The solution other than exposing yourself to multiple attack points by trying to throw explosives into the window (countered by blast-shield and trophy system), imo is simply bullet penetration.

                  Please give me 'some' bullet penetration through these ceilngs and walls, if only in notorious camp spots, even if it only scratches them a little - at least then we could dislodge the little sh*t.


                  Sanity. Thank you very much.


                  ps. I noticed that they allowed 'some' bullet penetration in the opposite room to Gina's bakery via the side boarded window and also by peeking up the stairs and penetrating the boxes that the player is sitting in front of.

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                    116. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                    The truth:


                    Those who "whine about campers" really have not simply learned to deal with it, a good player knows how to deal with all threats, static or transient. A good player learns what works, a good player uses everything necessary to get that kill and make sure the team wins!

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                      117. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                      Everyone calls it camping when it is really called take a defensive position, it has been a military tactic since the invention of war!

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                        118. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                        You could also run up the railing. I was almost foiled by that when being a douchebag and snagging the last couple of kills for a Helo Pilot in that precise spot. In my defence, both my IEDs were gone and I was soundwhoring so I shifted to that spot any time I heard someone approach. The guy who came up the railing alas took too much time to aim at me. Wouldn't have been mad if he got me though, that was a bloody good move and not one I've thought of previously.


                        Also, I have yet to try this myself, but I believe you can jump onto one of the signs from the tank and work your way over to the window that way. Saw a video of someone, Fearcrads I believe, pull this off and catch out 3 guys team-camping the room. Been too long since I played camper window peekaboo

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                          119. Re: The case against the word "camper" part III.

                          No it it's been a military tactic since the invention of guerrilla warfare and they actually use it as a defensive method or to set up an ambush. They however do not go sit an area because it has traffic in it.

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