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    nVuS *PS3*

      Welcome to nVuS Gaming PS3, we are a sponsored mlg team, we are looking for new recruits for the team, we have rules & a ranking structure .

      We are very active clan , plays everyday mostly every player .

      Add me on PSN : nV_Vize or reply here.

      Information About our clan .

      Team Division- Gold

      Team Level- 18

      Team K/D- 1.25

      Team Win % - 56

      Team Members- 20

      Team Rewards Earned- 17


      1. Must have a 1.150 KD

      2. Must have 24hrs of playing time.

      3. Must be online 7 to 12 hours per week.

      4. Must be 15 or older.

      5. Must be mature, respectful, honest, loyal, and trust worthy.