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    Missing Accolades / Stars

      So, after completing story mode and rounding up what stars are left, I'm realizing that I'm missing accolades and stars (collection stars and treasure stars)... for example for collection stars it says I only have 38 of 87 yet when I view the list of accolades and count up the stars missing it's only 11 or so...and when I count total number of stars it's far below 87. I've conferred with the guide and I am realizing many are "missing".


      We've heard about collections and stars appearing/disappearing (http://forum.darkspyro.net/spy...php?topic=91419), but I have proof this is happening on my save file and is affecting other things other than characters / collections.


      Has anyone else experienced/experiencing this and if so is there any known resolution? Or what's causing it? I'm on PS3.

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          This just happened to me on Wii U.  Portal Master level 62 when I went to bed last night and level 57 this morning with 0 stars showing in collection accolades despite the game showing 70 some odd characters in the collections.  I've seen the other posts and the fact that no one from officially from this site has properly responded to them is nothing short of abhorrent customer service and many of them date back several months.  The only thing I have found is a workaround to prevent it from not happening again "don't access the option menu from the main menu but instead do so through the game".  But this requires that you reset the game and start from scratch and does nothing for the previously saved game.  Heck that workaround doesn't even come from Activision themselves but from another user, thanks for the support.