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    Best Call of Duty game

      what is you favorite C.O.D. game mine was B.O.II

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          BO2... Don't know how you coped through that lag.

          Mine was MW3, all my best memories came from that game. For me MW3 had the best multiplayer, best game modes, infected, face off, team defender, all or nothing etc. It was really addictive and had some great maps like Hardhat, Mission, SeaTown, Dome, Arkaden etc. Also I loved majority of the guns, and my favourite gun in any COD game was in that game ACR 6.8, i've played MW2, much prefer it in MW3. Private matches, infected, MM made it all the best for me. Although the campaign was a bit boring the last mission was definitely good. Even Survival was really addictive once you got into it and further into waves, it becomes really hectic and intense with juggernauts, choppers and all that. I'l never forget that moment I got a MOAB that wasn't from private infected matches. It was in Domination, I was running around guarding two specific areas of the map, ranking up kills, checking scoreboard, I'm on 20...going up, my heart was beating fast...and I got it! And then I was like yeah I got it screw this now and ran around like a headless chicken and still didn't die till after a 38 killstreak, but boy was I proud of myself. MW3 being addictive as it was kept me well entertained through my journey to the 20th prestige and I met alot of PS3 friends through that game.

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            Campaing: Call of Duty


            Multiplayer: United Offensive and Black Ops get a tie.

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              oooooooh thats a hard one to answer. Fondest memories go to BO1 because thats where I met the awesome bunch I play with to this very day.

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                I agree great game with friends..also liked COD 4 and MW3

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                  MW2 was the new era of multi player . the introduction of more Killstreaks as well as  controllable killstreaks,

                  AC130 to this day i believe it was the best reward yet (nuke/moab/nuclear/kem aside) how it affected the ground enemies the detail was" off the chain" and if you can use it well it showed the meaning of a player and how it switches the morale of the team. the maps were equally or some of the best CoD has produced. Most weapons were used in this game as well


                  Apart from Glitches-maps/killstreak abuse , and the introductory of MW3 Specialist and Support, MW2 will always be that game that stepped it up from the sequel MW

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                    CoD4 is yet to be beaten. WaW is a close 2nd.


                    It went downhill from there.


                    I'm not trying to sound arrogant or offensive here, but LOL at the people saying MW2 and MW3.

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                      If people actually thought through everything properly, it would clearly be Black Ops 1! There was hardly anything wrong with the game. Had 4-5 really good, fun guns. A MP game that you could beast on without using silencer. Fun side games as well.


                      Only problems were most of the SMGs were horrendous, Second Chance, colour, connection issues in the first month or so and that's about it lol.

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                        cod4 by a country mile , greatest fps game ever made

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                          Because of the nostalgia I have to go with COD4.  Great maps, the guns were pretty balanced and the killstreaks weren't too over powered.  MW2 was a fantastic game as well and is a close 2nd.  I know MW3 gets flak for it's lag, but it really played well for me and I enjoyed most of the maps on it.  As you can see I seem to favor IW games.


                          BO1 had some of the best maps I've ever played, but due to performance issues I saw for the first 3 or 4 months after launch it left a bad taste in my mouth.  If it had gotten all the proper patching sooner I might feel differently about BO1.  BO2 also suffered from delayed patching, excruciating lag and small maps.  Treyarch always seems to DESIGN great games, but fails in the delivery of it's patches and stability.  The new 3 year release cycle should help iron out some of these glitches for all the developer studios.


                          Just my opinion, feel free to chime in if you feel differently.

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                              For me the poor connection with Black Ops 2  left ME with a bad taste in my mouth. Ghosts has great connection, lags a bit but nowhere near as much as BO2.

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                                  I agree Darth.  It's funny,  with BO1 it started off bad and Treyarch seemed to iron it out during the lifespan of the game.  For BO2 I still play matches with terrible lag.  It baffles me that they never were able to resolve it.  Don't get me wrong, in online gaming I understand there will be lag, but BO2 seems like significantly more than most other titles.

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                                Black Ops 1 was the peak of Call of Duty.


                                The campaign was something fresh and different from the tired old formulas we have seen in COD games.


                                Zombies was at the peak of its' powers in this game. Brought back all the WaW maps and had fresh new maps to boot. Ascension was one of my favourites along with Kino, Der Riese & Zombies Arcade.


                                Multiplayer in Black Ops 1 had a good skill gap and probably the least BS in that time period. Maps like Firing Range & WMD were gritty and fitted well into the futuristic game design. Aside from the choppy connection at times, Last Stand & the powerful Ghost perk this game was exactly how a game should be. Maybe a buff to SMGs would have been nice.


                                How anyone can name the cancers that were MW3 or Blops 2 is beyond me.

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                                  By far cod4 best and most fun out of any game, Awesome maps great guns and balancing except for m16 was op but not game ruining,


                                  BO1 was not the peak cod 4 was definitely the peak for the franchise. IW went downhill from there and treyarch games plateaued.  BO1 had its issues and felt like a whole new cod. MW3 worst cod, laggy, bad community and overpowered guns with poor patches.