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    spawn trapping in Blitz

      This needs to stop... how is it fair to spawn and get killed by someone sitting on the spawn point?


      This is a MASSIVE flaw and it needs to be addressed.

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          I've never been spawn trapped on Blitz.

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            I had the same thing happen entire team sitting ads on the spawn points.

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              Personally it's never happened to me before. That has to be pretty hard to do when both sides are constantly pushing into each others spawns. Definitely a cheap tactic but I'd just move onto another lobby

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                  Blitz+ Strikezone map is the worst for spawn kills. But it seems like after the last COD update I haven't gotten stuck in any spawnkills games, also a lot less hacking.

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                    Spawn TRAPPING is a tactic, spawn KILLING is cheap!  But y should the game even allow spawn killing?  Its beyond me! 

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                        I agree. I wish they would fix the spawns in such a way that when spawning, you're not in the sight of the enemy. If it isn't possible, a 1-2 second Invincibility period or  when the player who spawned is able to move, let's just say for argument purposes, 10 feet before they can be killed so that they can get to cover.

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                        It does happen, but there is an easy counter for it.


                        Cook a grenade

                        Drop ied


                        Shoot at spawn.

                        Side step after spawning


                        Pistol akimbo


                        These easily break through spawn traps


                        If not right away, then sooner than later.


                        Best strategy is to also prevent it. It can be easily broken if occured and once broke,  u must take out other trapped spawns.


                        How to prevent. Don't wait at the spawn areas but camp close to them. Ur opponents have to take the right positions! Not position but more than one position.


                        If ur team is defending, this can not happen. If ur team all goes out leaving ur goal and base opened for the opposition to set up the traps at ease... then yea.


                        Keep a class ready to counter traps if u feel it is a threat.


                        Happened twice to me, broke it easily


                        First, rs+c4

                        Second, panic kinfe once spawned.


                        My friend broke by cookies a grenade lol and he unlocked an operation lol

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                          Dude there is spawn trapping in almost every Cod game. Its not gonna change.

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                                The only way to solve this is to ban players for doing it. Personally i have stopped playing Blitz because of it. I joined a game late, where they were spawn trapping and some kid died 99 times.


                                 Spawn trapping is the worst thing to happen to the game. I have a high KD and used to be (now that I stopped playing blitz)  in the top 150 ranked in blitz and people automatically think I spawn trap, but can't blame them. Most of the players who are high ranked in the learder-boards, do use spawn trapping to increase their rankings.


                              It's just part of the game, Activision will do nothing to prevent it. So, if you do come across people that are spawn trapping, just quite and join a new lobby.  Also before the game starts look at the ranks, if you see players in the top 10 and they're in a party then prepare to get spawned trapped.

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                              Spawn trapping isn't a issue. U can only get spawn trapped if ur team has bad coordination or just playing it random. Nevertheless,  u can't expect the random members of ur parties to be all professional, if not a party.



                              Solution to spawn trapping, if ur playing blitz... have a class setup for the riot shield +c4. If the traps happen. U will most likely break it if u know how to use the c4 with a riot shield. The moment u spawn! Crouch to prevent getting shot below the shield and ur ok. Once u break through... the traps all fall apart.


                              To prevent,  defend your goal.  As easy as that.

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                                spawn trapping is a huge flaw in this game... i know many people don't like the tactical insertion, but i loved it. because i would typically stay in those games and atleast i wouldn't spawn in their fire... i liked to be able to disrupt these spawn traps... now i just back out and hope they lose connection and their awesome stats.

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                                  Spawn trapping in Blitz doesn't bother me.  It's the spawn killing that is the real problem.  Those guys dropping 100+ games in Blitz most of the time are just sitting 2ft behind the spawn points and waiting for someone to pop up with their back turned to them.  For those guys the answer is simple, you report them.  This is a bannable offense.  Activision is already on record that they will reset the accounts that are found guilty of this and ban them from multiplayer.  So report them in game and if you have the ability to record do so and send their enforcement team a link to your video. 

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                                    I agree spawn killing sucks, and it should be addressed. COD should make it that if a player kills near a spawn point a certain amount of times they should be banned from that lobby or something, but personally its never happened to me in blitz.