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    Want Black ops 2 Refund... Keeps crashing!!



      i've had it with Black ops 2 Multiplayer on PC, i bought this game a few weeks ago and it is out for a long time now so i guess it would not be buggy, well not. First few weeks i only had a crash 1 to 2 times a day. Now it happens everymatch i play, after about 2mins of playing the screen just turns black, i can't do anything and my graphic card fans go crazy, then i have to force shutdown my pc. while at playing they hardly make any noise at all (HD7950), btw playing this game on max settings..

      I did everything, from deleting all my audio devices to running steam and bo2 as admin, even deleted ALL my drivers from my pc with a program, and installed them ALL again, now also running the latest AMD driver, 14.1.  i'm sick of it and i really can't fix it, im looking on the web and can't find anything as well.

      I would like a refund of this game because i spent 40euro's on your shitty game and it doesnt even work.

      I'm switching to Battlefield 4


      Greetings, pcgamer556