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        So do you think Hobbit 2 will do better, worse or the same as Hobbit 1? Hobbit 1 did a grand total worldwide of 1 billion 17 million with 20 weeks of being in the theatre. In 2.5 weeks IM3 has done 1 billion seventy three million or almost 70 million more in 18 less weeks.


        It is going to be a great summer for movies no doubt.

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          I'm not sure if it will do better or by how much, but I think it will at least do similar business to "An Unexpected Journey".  I expect a lot of people will be more aware of the whole high framerate thing which I think distracted somewhat from the first movie.  The middle movie of the trilogy is supposed to focus a lot on Smaug which should make for a very exciting movie.  However, I do think that the Middle Earth movies have a little smaller core audience than something like Iron Man.  It could be a close call, but we'll see where IM3 ends up after it's theatrical run.


          There are definitely a lot of good movies coming up.  I think there wasn't a movie that had a preview before IM3 that I don't have some desire to see.


          Supposedly the Iron Man 3 DVD/Bluray is coming August 27 which seems like a really quick turnaround, but I won't complain since that just means I get to see it again sooner!

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            That does seem like a quick turn around Jad, way too quick. I would think December is a better release date with Christmas but movies do seem to get a quicker turn around to DVD now then they used to.


            Wel in about four days IM3 will move ahead of Dark Knight Rises on the worldwide list, yes!! I love that!!!

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              August was too soon to be true.  Release date is confirmed as Sept 24.

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                That makes more sense but still a very quick turn around the movie will probably be in the theatres until the end of July.

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                  Cool find, Jad!  Really looking forward to the behind the scenes clip from Thor!

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                    I'm looking forward to this!  I wonder who the surprise cameos are.....

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                      That is a gorgeous poster.  How cool would it be to own that?


                      The cameos line is pretty interesting.  Armin Zola seems like a perfect choice and didnt Toby Jones confirm to be in Cap 2?  I could see him easily popping in for the Peggy one shot.  It could be cool to see Hugh Jackman showing up as Not-Wolverine given how much he really wants Logan to appear with Spider-Man or the Avengers, though I don't know if they'd waste that on a One Shot.

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                        This discussion was started in the Thor TDW thread because it related to the One-shot that comes on the Blu-ray, but since it's really more about plot stuff from IM3 I thought I'd continue it here.


                        Here is a good interview with Drew Pearce about the "All Hail the King" One-shot.  It could be considered slightly spoilery so if you don't want to know anything about it you might wait to see the short first (but going back and looking at our previous discussion, I think the regulars here would all be safe reading it). 

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                          Thanks for the post Jad. I certainly don't expect Marvel to apologize for the Mandarin twist, but the only way they could make most serious IM fans like it was if the real Mandarin shows up in a future movie, blows the Kingsley character to pieces for having the audacity to pose as the Mandarin. They can talk about how great the twist was all they want but the only reason they got away with it was because most of the people who watch the movie are not huge comic book fans so they have no frame of reference for who the Mandarin is. Basically they took IM's arch nemesis and made a complete joke out of him. I mean really the guy comes out of the bathroom and say "Don't go in their for a while" while waving his hand and then when the models are locked up in the bathroom they are gagging, that is so not funny and so cliched, argh, just awful. They also used the trailers to make the Mandarin seem like a complete bad ass and then guess what, hee, hee, he is just a stinky asses actor, har, har, jokes on you audience. We are way more clever than you are. To me it was just crappy, lazy writing.


                          The more I think about IM3 the more disappointed I am, had some great moments and then had a bunch of moments that made very little sense. This interview exposes the hubris of the IM3 writing team. Pulling the shrapnel out Tony's chest, destroying all the armor, yeah you are really just going to blow up tens of millions of dollars on functional armor to prove your love to Pepper, argh.


                          Need to stop now as getting angry.

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