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    Anyone else on the Scorpion is OP bandwagon?

           So before anything let me just say I really don't have a problem with most of the buffs. I get making a rhino have a lot more health because they want to emphasize how strong it is and when it takes about 80 rounds of a death machine to kill one then it's not really a threat. Idk if hunters got buffed and I really don't have a problem with any hives, but it's the gawd dan scorpions that are just crazy. Not only do they have an acid pool after their shots hit, but their shots can follow you and if they brush your pocket you lose a quarter health with damage relic on.


            I'd be fine with the acid pools and shots following me but they do way too much damage. They've become the most dangerous creature IMO, even though those phantoms up close can wreck. I'm in the top 180 in kills and had a top 40 solo nightfall placement for a while there so I think I've played enough to have a credible opinion. I'd rather have a good scorp buff over the breeder glitch, medal reverse fix, 3 marked alien glitch, or any other issue that I can just deal with. Anyways what are other people's thoughts?